” 2Pac is a Legend, But Kendrick Lamar is The Greatest of All Time ” Rema Concluded in New Post

It is said that with regards to assessment everyone is qualified for what they feel, and Afro-beat pop star Rema has unveiled two of America’s most skilled rappers, as he delivered a tweet that peruses ”Tupac is a legend, however Kendrick Lamar is the GOAT, and I will be for all time thankful he rescued me once again from despondency.”

His tweet is exceptionally disputable regardless of it being another assessment that is from an artiste that wasn’t born when Tupac was alive and making the entire world go crazy with his music may be something he shouldn’t have his mouth on, as individuals may very well view him to have one of that snapshot of an artiste getting journey, or basically attempting to definitely stand out.


Seeing his tweet the main thing that individuals know to be valid is Tupac is a legend, however naming Kendrick The Best is a disputable case that won’t ever be a measuring stick for contention for some individuals that have followed the rap class of music distinctly.