3 Celebrities That Blasted Blessing CEO For Her Negative Opinion About Late Bimbo & Her Family Saga

Since the passing of the late Airhead Ogbonna, various VIPs have taken to their virtual entertainment to think on the issue of abusive behavior at home.

Nonetheless, Gift Chief is a very rare example of people that upheld IVD, the spouse of the late Airhead. From her view, the lady committed suicide as she has forever been vicious.

Favoring President additionally believed that the group of the late Airhead are after the properties and life of IVD.

Her steady bad sentiments disappointed people in general as they felt she shouldn’t include herself in issues like that.

Anyway couple of superstars considered alerted Gift President.

The following are 3 Superstars that impacted Gift Chief for her negative assessment on Late Airhead’s adventure with her better half IVD.

Solomon Buchi:Socialite and Holistic mentor Solomon Buchi reproved Gift President for her selection of words about the reason for late Airhead’s passing.

Nkechi Gift Sunday: ActressNkechi Gift Sunday is likewise one of the VIPs that reproved Gift Chief and requested that she let go of the case.

Anita Joseph:Actress Anita Joseph forewarned Gift President and even went similar to sending her a Dm concerning the case.

Indeed, even after these alerts, Gift President kept denouncing the late Airhead and her family which got general society to respond by detailing her record.

Thus, Gift Chief lost her confirmed Instagram record to this case.

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