3 chilling details about Gail Dews’ murder

Gail Dews, 56, was choked to death and tossed into a gorge by her better half Stephen Dews when the two were out on a climb in Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains.

Stephen, in any case, attempted to delude the specialists by letting them know that he fell on the ice and couldn’t recall how his better half disappeared.
Notwithstanding, specialists found sufficient proof to call attention to that Dews was lying, and he was found blameworthy in May 2015. Dews, who was condemned to 16 years of detainment, is right now carrying out his punishment at the SCI Camp Slope in Pennsylvania.

Examination Disclosure’s most recent episode of Lethal Commitments, named Wagering on Murder, will reveal the subtleties of this awful homicide. The episode will air on January 5 at 6 pm ET.

“Gail and Stephen Dews have everything: a blissful marriage, a lovely house and sound youngsters, however a family misfortune and a betting compulsion destroys their lives, demonstrating that nothing is what it appears.”
Disclaimer: This article contains realistic depictions of viciousness that might be upsetting to certain perusers. Watcher prudence is encouraged.

Prior to tossing her into the gorge, Gail Dews was fiercely gone after. Her examination report showed that she had various obtuse power wounds, including a cracked neck. These marks obviously pointed towards a manslaughter.

As per a record by an onlooker who professed to be available where the couple was climbing, Stephen and Gail participated in a warmed contention which heightened to where Gail could heard shout.

A similar onlooker likewise guaranteed that she saw a man whose appearance was like that of Stephen’s with Gail at the hour of the previously mentioned occurrence.

Stephen’s most memorable record of the episode, which was additionally the story he needed to sell, was that his significant other had disappeared and he didn’t have the foggiest idea how that occurred as he fell on ice and became oblivious.

Yet, reality couldn’t be concealed for long as the specialists rushed to join the lacking parts of the riddle and track down the genuine guilty party.

On one occasion after the mishap, Stephen went to a general store with a guilty conscience and his shirt. Stephen didn’t have a credible clarification with respect to the blood stain. Further examination showed that the blood stains had a place with both Stephen and Gail.

Stephen, only one month after his better half’s passing, drew out $135,000 from their shared service. This, combined with the different wounds on Gail’s body, everything except affirmed specialists’ doubt.

As indicated by Gail’s family, the couple had a disturbed marriage. Her family even referenced that Gail once discussed a partition.

A couple of days after the fact, in a meeting, Gail’s sister Karen Ann Giganti, let the specialists know that Stephen “was extremely envious and controlling, and there were times that Gail conversed with me about leaving Stephen.”

One more observer who saw the couple at Dunkin Doughnuts before they began their climb, uncovered to the police that Stephen was conversing with Gail in a boisterous and impolite way that day.

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