3 chilling details about Jeremy Simko’s murder


In November 2009, a Vermilion, Ohio, occupant named Jeremy Simko was gunned down in the second-floor room of the house he imparted to his better half Julene, who called specialists to report the homicide. As per her, a gatecrasher shot him dead, however specialists tracked down no indications of a break-in or some other uncommon DNA or prints inside the house.

In view of just a single suspect, specialists inspected the case for a really long time before at last making a leap forward in 2013 that uncovered dull mysteries about the couple’s person previous existences and marriage, which proposed a potential homicide rationale in Julene Simko. She was viewed as at legitimate fault for Jeremy’s homicide in 2017, and condemned to 28 years to life in jail.


This article will additionally feature and examine a couple of urgent disclosures from the case that assisted specialists with dealing with Jeremy Simko’s executioner in front of Snapped’s impending episode named Julene Simko, which airs on Oxygen this Monday, December 26, at 5 pm ET.

Jeremy Simko murder case: A strange case, a subjugation understanding, a dubious spouse, and two different realities to be aware of the killing1) Jeremy Simko’s significant other called 911, guaranteeing that she tracked down her significant other dead

On November 18, 2009, Jeremy Simko’s better half, Julene, madly dialed 911, announcing that her significant other had been shot dead in the room of their North Edge Street home and that the aggressor was still inside the house. In any case, when specialists showed up at the crime location, they found no indications of a break-in, and she was the main individual present in their home at the hour of the homicide.

2) Specialists found out about Julene’s awful past and Jeremy’s issues

Examiners who were investigating the homicide discovered that the person in question, Jeremy, was a predominant and forceful individual who was generally prepared for a battle, and that Julene was s*xually attacked by her dad when she was youthful. Sources express that her dad even spent time in jail for his activities. They, be that as it may, were a normal, cheerful couple. Their marriage appeared to be perfect from an external perspective.

3) There were two weapons found inside Julene and Jeremy Simko’s home

Inside their home, specialists found different alerts set up on entryways, windows, and the carport. They likewise tracked down an enormous weapon protected underneath the steps, as well as a .357 magnum gun in the kitchen, with five live cartridges and one spent. They likewise found shot openings and another weapon, a 9mm Smith and Wesson, in their room, alongside utilized s*x toys.

Julene Simko let specialists know that on the morning of the homicide, she awakened and tracked down her better half dead. She purportedly heard somebody inside the house and got the Smith and Wesson for assurance. It was uncovered that neither weapon had any prints on them, proposing that they could have been cleaned off.

4) Specialists coincidentally found a servitude contract a couple of years after Jeremy’s homicide

Years after Jeremy Simko’s homicide, specialists coincidentally found implicating proof, including a 14-page ace slave understanding and BDSM photographs and recordings of the couple, which prompted a huge forward leap. They felt that Julene was being constrained into participating in s*xual exercises with her significant other, however she in the end asserted that it was consensual.

The marriage contract was as a general rule an expert slave understanding, and it expressed that Julene would be his girl and Jeremy would be her dad. They had incredibly severe customs and directions for how each should act. Once more specialists were concerned given the way that Julene went through something almost identical in her young life, and they believed that she was being constrained into it.

5) Julene was viewed as at real fault for three counts, including disturbed murder

Specialists claimed that Julene Simko shot her significant other toward the rear of the head with a .357 Magnum Smith and Wesson and afterward called 911 to report his passing. At 39 years old, she was viewed as at real fault for three counts, including felonious attack, disturbed murder, and altering proof, and was condemned to 28 years to life in jail.

Snapped airs the case on Monday, December 26, on Oxygen at 5 pm ET.