3 details about Debra Johnson’s murder


West Tennessee State Prison redresses overseer Debra Johnson, 64, was viewed as choked at her home on the jail grounds while examiners looked for a missing detainee named Curtis Beam Watson, a convict with a savage history. They accepted he got away from the office on a farm truck and, at the same time, r*ped and killed Johnson.

An episode of ID’s See No Insidious, named Jail Break, follows the occasions that prompted Debra Johnson’s homicide by an escapee prisoner from the office where she filled in as a prison guard.


The abstract for the episode, which as of late circulated on the channel, says:

“A got away from detainee murders Debra Johnson, an exceptionally regarded Remedial Manager, at her home external the jail; with general society in danger, police scour through observation film for signs to chase him down before he strikes once more.”
According to sources, Watson was carrying out a 15-year punishment and had momentarily collaborated with Johnson. He was captured in Henning, Tennessee, following a five-day manhunt and accused of numerous includes regarding the homicide of the official and his getaway from the jail.

Debra Johnson’s homicide: A savage prisoner, his horrible arrangement to kill prior to making a terrific break, and different subtleties from the case

As indicated by The New York Times, Watson drove away on the work vehicle at some point somewhere in the range of 9 and 10 am on August 7, 2019.

A Business Allure report expresses that during a quest for Watson, a prison guard even saw a golf truck that the missing detainee approached close to Debra Johnson’s home. The official then moved toward her home and thumped on the entryway, yet left when there was no reaction.

Johnson’s body was found at 11:30 that very morning and was articulated dead ten minutes after the fact. According to proclamations from different prisoners, the person in question and Watson had momentarily collaborated beforehand and the last option let one more detainee know that Johnson needed to have s*x with him.

That very day, Watson was let out of jail for a work task on cutting yards in the first part of the day hours.

Johnson’s body was found presently before early afternoon on August 7. She purportedly had ligature marks and a string folded over her neck at the hour of the disclosure. A resulting post-mortem established that she died of strangulation and was likewise s*xually attacked by Curtis Beam Watson.

Afterward, DNA tests taken from the crime location were utilized to put Watson at the crime location.

At that point, Watson, 45, was spending time in jail at the office on irritated seizing and attack charges from a 2012 assault on his significant other. He was carrying out a 15-year punishment and purportedly approached a golf vehicle and a farm truck while dealing with the land-cutting. He supposedly utilized the farm truck to drive away from the jail grounds, which was found deserted basically a pretty far.

Watson was captured after he rose up out of a soyfield and gave up to specialists looking for him in Henning, Tennessee on August 11, following a five-day manhunt. He was captured in the first part of the day hours by two officials, Ashley Bird, a prison guard, and Jessica Brown, a probation/probation officer.

Reports express that the capture was made after couple Harvey and Ann Taylor’s security framework awakened them, cautioning them that somebody was behind their home on Graves Road. They promptly perceived the man and called 911. Inside a half-hour, policing directing both ground and ethereal pursuits nearby.

He was at first accused of 15 includes regarding the jail break and Debra Johnson’s homicide, including pre-reflected murder, r*pe, and hijacking.

He supposedly argued no challenge to first-degree murder in the execution of a r*pe and irritated r*pe, and confessed to seven extra charges, which included disturbed robbery and break.