4 chilling details about Rosemarie Essa’s murder


Rosemarie Essa was 38 when she was harmed to death by her significant other Dr. Yazeed Essa on February 24, 2005.

Rosemarie was headed to a cinema when she started feeling sick, and in spite of the fact that she was driving very leisurely, she appeared to drive whimsically. Observers had the option to stop her vehicle just after it brushed one more van and when they proceeded to keep an eye on her, they saw her very nearly obviousness. Before long, she started hurling and dropped.


Rosemarie was then hurried to Hillcrest Clinic for treatment where she was articulated dead soon. Her better half Yazeed was the great suspect all along when the family saw his way of behaving. Rosemarie’s dear companions were additionally unyielding that Yazeed had something to do with her demise.

After additional examination, it was found that Yazeed had given his significant other calcium pills bound with potassium cyanide. He was condemned to life in jail on Walk 8, 2010, for the homicide of his better half Rosemarie Essa.

Rosemarie Essa’s significant other transparently boasted about killing his better half

Eva McGregor, a dear companion of Rosemarie’s, uncovered that Yazeed had supposedly given his significant other herpes. In the interim, different observers affirmed how lighthearted and relaxed he had appeared to be after his significant other’s passing, making jokes and in any event, facilitating gatherings.

He escaped to Lebanon where he expected a phony personality and would frequently boast to individuals about killing his significant other and getting away from American regulation. It is quite significant that since Lebanon doesn’t have a removal deal, the specialist was basically unapproachable by US regulation.

Prior to falling in her vehicle, Rosemarie Essa had called Eva McGregor to illuminate her that she took calcium tablets that Yazeed gave her and that they were causing her to feel wiped out.

Eva enlightened the police regarding this, and they addressed Yazeed yet he let them know that Rosemarie Essa had taken the calcium pills after she heard her mother by marriage discuss osteoporosis. He even brought the cops back home and provided them with the container of calcium pills and other drug his better half took.

Notwithstanding, when the police tried the pills, they figured out that the calcium pills were bound with potassium cyanide.

At the point when the police acknowledged what Yazeed had done, they returned to get him yet he had previously escaped to his local nation of Lebanon. He originally made a trip first to Detroit, then, at that point, to Toronto, Canada, prior to traveling to Heathrow, where he took a trip to Cyprus lastly to Beirut, Lebanon.

For the following 17 months, he carried on with an existence of extravagance under a bogus name and was given misleading characters and safehouses across Lebanon by his companion Jamal Khalife. The specialist likewise started dating a 38-year-old teacher, Nayla Souki, and was seen in a few clubs and bars.

In any case, everything reached a conclusion on October 7, 2006, when Yazeed loaded onto a plane to Cyprus utilizing one of his phony characters. Upon appearance in Cyprus, he was quickly captured by the police there.

After Rosemarie Essa’s passing, her family members saw that her significant other stood separated and scarcely showed any feelings. At the point when the family proposed to help him and his family during the difficult stretches, he denied the assistance and proceeded to employ two caretakers, Marguerita Montenaz and Michele Madeline.

Analyst Gary McKee, an examiner working on it, later found that Yazeed was engaging in extramarital relations with the two ladies.

This horrendous story will be uncovered exhaustively in the Dateline: Mysteries Uncovered episode named ‘Unpleasant reality’. It will air on 17 January 2023 at 8 pm on Oxygen 79.