4 Nigerian Celebrities Who Graduated With First-Class Degrees


We should take a gander at a couple of Nigerian famous people who graduated with top notch degrees…

We as a whole have questions with respect to the Nollywood calling occasionally, for example, whether entertainers study. Is an advanced degree expected to turn into an entertainer?


On the other hand, which entertainer has the most elevated or least degree of training? We are mindful that schooling is important to progress throughout everyday life.

Nigerians by and large accept that Nollywood stars are uninformed. To counter this deception, I will give you some Nollywood celebs that graduated with distinction in this exposition.

Adesua Etomi Adesua Etomi is something other than enchanting and flawless. She embodies the maxim “magnificence and insight.”

Adesua procured a distinctions degree in Physical Theater, Musical Theater, and Performing Arts from City College in Coventry, England.

Adesua then, at that point, proceeded to concentrate on show and execution at the University of Wolverhampton, where she procured a top notch degree in 2009.

Tosin Abiola Tosin Abiola, normally known as Omo Brish, graduated with distinction from a UK establishment in August 2018. The mother of two is a motivation to numerous youthful moms, exhibiting that parenthood doesn’t restrict a lady from chasing after her educational desires.

Chinenye Nnebe Chinenye Nnebe, a youthful entertainer, graduated with First-Class Honors from Zenith University College in Accra, Ghana, in October 2020.

Van Vicker, Joseph Joseph Fiifi Van Vicker is the latest Nollywood star to graduate with distinction. The entertainer got a top of the line degree in essential correspondence 21 years in the wake of leaving optional school in July 2021.

You’re likely asking why Van Vicker stood by so lengthy to sign up for school. As per the entertainer, his single parent’s failure to pay for his schooling kept him from going to college with his counterparts in 1997.

Van Vicker’s scholastic vocation encapsulates the saying “delay isn’t disavowal.”