48 Hours Investigates The Curious Case of Catherine Mehaffey Shelton, Where Is She Now?


The vast majority of her past accomplices were embarrassed subsequent to being bizarrely caught by specialists. and, surprisingly, severely executed. One of her exes was found pounded into the ground.

Her previous captivations, friends, and even project workers have all died. Thorough examination was directed, and eviRigorousdence against the lawyer was uncovered.


Where Could Catherine Mehaffey Shelton Now be? Catherine Mehaffey Shelton’s ongoing home has been a complete secret to all. Along these lines, as per hypothesis, Catherine is right now dwelling in Houston, Texas, and as of now keeps a position of safety.

She was set free from jail subsequent to serving five years following the 1980 preliminary. Clint Shelton, her better half, was blamed for the homicide of Thomas Bell in 1999, According to insiders, one of Catherine’s colleagues heard her helping with the terminating.

Passing appeared to follow Catherine Mehaffey-Shelton wherever she went. A few group Catherine knew died in strange conditions over time, causing a lot of interest and media consideration.

Catherine Mehaffey Shelton, a previous Dallas protection lawyer, overstepped the law to help herself and drove her earlier love down some unacceptable way. Catherine Mehaffey’s life has been a hurricane of occasions, including an unusual, awful wrongdoing.

Catherine Mehaffey Shelton’s Husband? Catherine Mehaffey Shelton’s most memorable spouse, Matt Quinlan, a Navy official, was the first memorialized. She was blamed for killing him, in spite of the fact that she guaranteed the rifle had incidentally detonated in 1969.

While reading up for a degree at the University of Houston, Catherine started dating George Tedesco, yet the relationship stopped because of brutality. She was never accused of homicide, in any case.

On January 15, 1979, George Tedesco was found dead in his carport. The case stays unsettled since Catherine was never accused of George’s homicide.

Catherine then, at that point, wedded Clint Shelton and migrated to Dallas. In the wake of killing her client, Michael Hierro, she rose to reputation again.

The Case of Catherine Mehaffey and Gary Taylor exhaustively Gary Taylor, a Houston journalist who covered the town hall, cases to have laid out a relationship with Catherine Shelton in 1979. Taylor claims he attempted to say a final farewell to Shelton following half a month and she became disturbed.

Taylor guarantees that she every now and again kept a pistol on her end table to remind him who was in finished control. The circumstance became vicious in the mid 1980s when Taylor’s home had been broken into.

Catherine Shelton was remaining in the room with a firearm pointing at the storeroom, as indicated by Gary Taylor, and he guarantees he charged at her in the wake of getting a seat. Shelton shot a round that passed Taylor’s ear and strolled straight through the seat.

Taylor claims he threw the seat at Shelton and ran down the hall to the entryway. Catherine Shelton was confined after Taylor was shot toward the back, yet she asserted she discharged the shot with good reason.