5 beautiful cities White Lotus season 3 could be filmed at

Since its debut in 2021, The White Lotus has in no time climbed positions to become one of HBO Max’s lead establishments. It was additionally highlighted two times on the American Film Foundation’s rundown of the best ten shows of the year, once in 2021 and again in 2022. Made by Mike White, The White Lotus is a dull parody show collection series.

The series gets its name from the imaginary hotel chain, White Lotus, which fills in as the essential place where the story unfurls. The show basically follows a lot of rich travelers, getting a charge out of time away from their bustling lives. Notwithstanding, the truly flawless scene is defaced by the obscurity and complex stuff they, when all is said and done, convey.


The series was initially intended to be a six-episode restricted series. Nonetheless, the basic praise and business achievement it got incited the makers to transform it into a multi-season treasury series. With two fruitful seasons currently added to its repertoire, the show was greenlit for a third season in November 2022.

While The White Lotus centers around human instinct and connections, the scene likewise assumes a vital part in its story. The immaculate spots have a feeling of tranquility to them, which at first draws in rich travelers for a serene escape. Nonetheless, as the story advances, the actual region assumes an essential part.

We have previously seen the series cover Hawaii and Sicily in the two seasons separately, and can certainly expect one more beautiful extended extravagance escape facilitated by the White Lotus Resorts in season 3.

The White Lotus chain of resorts has till date used properties of the widely acclaimed Four Seasons chain of inns and resorts. Yet again assuming the pattern is to be finished for their third season, it is protected to conjecture that the new area will be a Four Seasons property.

Maldives is no question one of the most lovely spots to loosen up. With various lavish retreats on confidential islands, the island country consistently includes among the rundown of extravagance excursions. There is a feeling of smoothness in living in the ocean, matched with the purplish blue sky above.

Whenever utilized as an area for the following time of The White Lotus, the indistinct line where the ocean and sky meet not too far off likewise makes for an extremely convincing similitude of human instinct, the flimsy line between outward smoothness and inner unrest.

From what we have seen up to this point, the past areas have highlighted immaculate sea shores and clear oceans which makes Maldives an incredible choice to go for straightaway.

Thailand has consistently included on different records highlighting extravagant escapes throughout the long term. The nation has a flourishing the travel industry culture upheld by lovely scenes and broad untamed life. One of the most mind-blowing spots to shoot the impending time of The White Lotus could be the Brilliant Triangle Area in Thailand.

Situated on the boundary of Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar, the region offers isolation from ordinary buzzing about, a delightful territory fixed with extraordinary bamboo woodlands alongside a flourishing environment.

Contrasted with different areas of interest in Thailand, this fills in as a superior choice as a possible area for the following time of The White Lotus, as it offers all the extravagance matched with a feeling of a legitimate retreat to unwind, something that most travelers in series are searching for.

Seychelles is an archipelago of islands in the Indian Sea, off the bank of East Africa. Like the Maldives, it additionally offers a 360 degree perspective on the ceaseless ocean and one of the most lavish encounters from Four Seasons, which has been the selection of resorts that The White Lotus has gone for till now.

Situated on the Unimposing Anse Sound in Mahe island of the Seychelles, Four Seasons has an extensive tropical retreat that spreads across 180 hectares. Fixed with wonderful natural product trees, the scene is really mesmerizing. This separated island can possibly act as the following area for the series to zero in on.

Bora is another island area that has a feeling of seclusion that no other territory can offer, and it comes as an extremely regular choice for a weeklong escape.

The island is essential for the Leeward Island gathering of French Polynesia, and offers a magnificent perspective on a turquoise tidal pond enclosed by coral reefs alongside Mt. Otemanu ascending from the focal point of the island.

The islets have numerous extravagance facilities that are the ideal places to get-away to unwind and loosen up from the day to day hustle of current human advancement.

Adding variety to the rundown, which has been overwhelmed by island areas, is the Bosphorous Waterway situated in Istanbul, Turkey. This is the tightest waterway explored by global vessels, associating the Dark Ocean with the Ocean of Marmara, which thusly opens up to the Mediterranean Ocean.

The area is fixed with settlements generally, yet offers a normally gorgeous sight and a general extraordinary encounter.

The city has been a host to various realms and societies and is enormously critical according to a verifiable viewpoint. This importance, matched with the delightful perspective on the Bosphorous, makes Istanbul an extremely encouraging area to shoot the following time of The White Lotus.

It likewise offers a touch of variety to the disconnected beachside setting that the show has taken on till date.