5 chilling details about Anna Lisa Raymundo’s murder

The killing of 32-year-old Anna Lisa Raymundo in Stamford, Connecticut, came as a shock to each and every individual who knew her as she turned into a casualty of her sweetheart’s treachery.

The convict, Sheila Davalloo, killed her just to step into the existence of Raymundo’s beau, who was double crossing her and the person in question. It is intriguing to take note of that Sheila was hitched to a man named Paul Christos and her two darlings didn’t have the foggiest idea about that the other existed.

The confounded circle of drama will be made sense of in the most recent episode of Examination Disclosure’s A Chance To Kill. The episode named Love is the Medication broadcasted on January 6, 2023, at 10 pm and its rundown perused:

“For Connecticut police, opening the secret of Anna Lisa Raymundo’s homicide depends on distinguishing a strange 911 guest, however a veteran female investigator’s maniacal s*x-play examination tears open the case.”Shiela’s phony emergency call, her nonexistent colleagues, and more about Anna Lisa Raymundo’s murder1) Shiela attempted to deceive the specialists by settling on a phony 911 decision
Shiela advanced into Anna’s condo and cut her on different occasions. Subsequent to completing the homicide in the most potential ruthless manner, she settled on a 911 decision and faked her character. She let the police know that her neighbor was getting went after by a man.

At the point when the police arrived at the spot, Anna was at that point lying dead in a pool of blood. Authorities attempted to find the individual who settled on the decision yet discovered that the call was produced using a public corner and the stall proprietor didn’t recall who settled on the decision.

2) Shiela attempted to kill her significant other Paul Shiela needed to draw near to Anna’s beau, Nelson Sessler, and was ready to make every effort to dispose of the snags in her manner. To begin with, she killed Raymundo and afterward attempted to eliminate Paul from her life too.

As her relationship with Paul was sketchy, that’s what she blamed so as to include him in a game. The principles of the game were basic. Paul would need to figure which items contacted him while being blindfolded. Much to his dismay the game would be only a plot, brought forth by Shiela to kill him.

While playing the game, Shiela cut Paul in different spots while he was sobbing for help. In the long run, Shiela chose to take him to the emergency clinic yet wounded him again in the parking garage. He made due after he went through open heart medical procedure.

3) Shiela would recount her fanciful collaborators
Shiela would frequently present stories to Paul around three of her collaborators, Melissa, Jack, and Anna Lisa. Clearly, they were all fanciful as the story was like what was truly happening in her life. She would let Paul know how Jack was dating the two ladies despite the fact that Melissa admitted to him about her sentiments.

4) Shiela made up a tale about her schizophrenic brother Whenever Nelson would visit Shiela, she would make Paul clear his things out and remain in a lodging as Nelson didn’t realize that she was hitched.

Shiela made up a tale about having a schizophrenic brother, who didn’t realize that she was hitched. In this way, Paul thought at whatever point her brother would visit, he would need to remain out to stay quiet about his marriage with Shiela.

5) Shiela was indicted for homicide Shiela was seen as at legitimate fault for endeavored murder and attack in 2004 for killing Anna and attacking Paul. After eight years, she was condemned to 50 years in jail in Connecticut.

A Chance to Kill will give watchers more data about Raymundo’s cutting passing.

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