5 chilling details about Breanna Schneller’s murder


18-year-old Breanna Schneller in Wausau, Wisconsin, was ruthlessly killed by an obscure trespasser on May 2, 2009, while both her flatmates were away for work.

Later in the day, Schneller’s flatmate Hugo found her body lying in a pool of blood and promptly educated the police. Following this, a quest for the executioner was sent off and it at last ended up being Raul Ponce-Rocha, a collaborator of Schneller’s beau, Sebastian Ramirez.


Examination Revelation’s most recent episode, named Murder in the Heartland, will investigate the subtleties of this stunning homicide secret. The episode, which circulated on January 9, 2023, at 7 pm, is a piece of their Freak Deeds series.

The abstract of the episode peruses:

“Hugo is crazy after he tracks down his brother’s sweetheart, Breanna Schneller, thumped and cut to death; the brothers give off an impression of being crushed, yet the disclosure of Breanna’s missing telephone causes serious qualms about their alibis.”5 essential insights regarding Breanna Schneller’s murder1) Raul Ponce-Rocha would even not liked to kill her

Raul, expecting that no one would be in the loft, broke in. He was wanting to take Breanna’s undergarements. He didn’t want to kill her, yet when he understood that she also was home at that point, he went after Schneller.

Raul got hold of an iron handle and wounded Breanna on numerous occasions in different pieces of her body.

2) Ponce-Rocha’s DNA was tracked down on the iron handle

Ponce-Rocha was in finished refusal when he was examined concerning the homicide, in spite of the proof pointing toward him.

The deadly weapon used to go after Breanna likewise had hints of Ponce-Rocha’s DNA. In any case, he attempted to accuse one of his colleagues. Fortunately for the colleague, he was in Mexico when the homicide was completed.

3) Ponce-Rocha was condemned to life in jail

Raul Ponce-Rocha was seen as blameworthy and accused of first-degree deliberate crime, thievery with a hazardous weapon, and robbery. He was condemned to life detainment without any chance of parole. He is right now carrying out his punishment at the Waupun Restorative Organization in Waupun, Wisconsin.

4) Sebastian Ramirez reduced most, if not all, connection with the preliminary

After Ponce-Rocha’s conviction, Ramirez totally disconnected himself. As indicated by specialists, his better half’s homicide was difficult for him to acknowledge. He was broken by the death however had some way or another set up himself for the preliminary. There were occasions when he must be quieted down during the long periods of addressing.

Ramirez’s brother Hugo managed the media after Breanna’s passing. Hugo was likewise the main individual to find her body lying dead in a pool of blood.

Schneller would impart a loft to Hugo and Ramirez. She was going to get hitched to Ramirez soon.

5) Ponce-Rocha was missing from work precisely at the hour of the homicide

Around the time Schneller was killed, Ponce-Rocha disappeared from work. At the point when he was gotten some information about his whereabouts at that point, he said he had gone out to pick one of his companions who resided in a similar structure as Schneller, Hugo, and Ramirez.

Notwithstanding, the structure was five minutes from his work environment and he was away for something like 25 minutes. Ponce-Rocha couldn’t represent his nonattendance for 20 additional minutes.