5 chilling details about Connie Dabate’s murder


Ellington-based Connie Dabate’s homicide case, which happened two days before Christmas in 2015, will highlight on NBC Dateline’s forthcoming episode.

The all-new episode, named The Insider facts of Birch View Drive, will debut this January 6, at 9.00 pm ET.


Connie’s better half, Richard Dabate, was sentenced for her lethal shooting last May and was condemned to 65 years in jail after a fitbit tracker and other computerized proof demonstrated that he lied about the events from the morning of the homicide. The casualty was tracked down shot to death in the storm cellar of their home, while her significant other was found with shallow blade wounds, part of the way attached to a seat with zip-ties.

The examination likewise uncovered insights concerning Richard’s twofold life that he advantageously stowed away from the world. It was asserted that his sweetheart was pregnant at the hour of the homicide and that he sent her instant messages the night prior to the homicide, promising to end things with Connie.

Connie Dabate murder case: Five fast realities to realize about the Connecticut shooting passing which was tackled utilizing the casualty’s fitbit1) The crime location where Connie Dabate was gunned down appeared to be a home intrusion at first

Connie Dabate (39), was found dead in the cellar of her home when Ellington police showed up on December 23, 2015, after getting a bothered emergency call from her significant other Richard Dabate (40). The spouse was found mostly zip-attached to a seat with shallow blade wounds. Connie was shot two times, once toward the rear of the head, utilizing a firearm that her better half possessed.

As per reports, Richard let specialists know that his significant other had been shot by a concealed gatecrasher who was wearing camoflouged clothing and was likewise wearing gloves.

2) During the examination, police canines couldn’t smell an interloper

As indicated by reports, in the wake of catching wind of Richard Dabate’s gatecrasher story, the specialists carried a K-9 unit to the crime location. Rough, the police canine, was run after with following the smell of the alleged interloper.

Notwithstanding, the canine, who couldn’t find the gatecrasher’s smell from the beginning, before long changed his concentration to Richard, who was getting clinical treatment.

3) Information recuperated from Connie Dabate’s fitbit gone against her significant other’s variant of the story

As per reports in light of information recovered from a fitbit around the casualty’s belt, Connie moved around for more than an hour after her significant other guaranteed she was killed. Specialists unveiled that Richard Dabate guaranteed that the gatecrasher went after him at around 9 am that December morning and shot Connie soon after when she got back from her neighborhood YMCA practice class.

Nonetheless, specialists accept Connie’s Fitbit distinguished action inside the home at 9.23 am. She was likewise on Facebook between 9.40 am and 9.46 am, posting recordings on her profile from her home on her iPhone. Her Fitbit distinguished a distance of 1,217 feet between 9.18 am and 10.05 am. Criminal investigators discovered that Connie’s whole strolling distance from the vehicle to the cellar was around 125 feet.

4) Richard Dabate was carrying on with a twofold existence and had a pregnant sweetheart out of his marriage

As indicated by specialists, Richard Dabate was engaging in extramarital relations despite his better half’s good faith, and this other lady was pregnant with his child. Richard supposedly let cops know that his marriage was pained by consistent infidelity. He owned up to specialists that there was cheating happening from the two sides in the first place.

Richard supposedly expressed that he was stunned to discover that he was to become a dad with the other lady, adding that the pregnancy was startling and that the conditions unfurled “like a fricking drama.” He further expressed that them three – him, his better half, and his fancy woman – were to “co-parent the child.”

5) Connie Dabate’s significant other, who was the essential suspect, sent messages to his better half the day preceding the homicide

As indicated by specialists, Richard Dabate messaged his pregnant sweetheart the day preceding Connie was killed, composing:

Besides, in the texts, he even guaranteed the other lady that he planned to separate from Connie Dabate. Reports even included many additional implicating messages sent by Richard to his sweetheart, including a conflict about him and his significant other going on an end of the week outing to Vermont.

Get Connie Dabate’s homicide case in an all-new episode of NBC’s Dateline, named The Mysteries of Birch View Drive, debuting this January 6, at 9.00 pm ET.