5 Facts To Explore About WSU Kicker Dean Janikowski

Senior member Janikowski is a Washington State green bean kicker born to his folks, Dan and Heather Janikowski.

Janikowski came from a group of five with two kin, one sister, and one brother. Also, he is the most established of them. His folks ingrained areas of strength for an of initiative since the beginning, which served him well all through his expert profession and added to his administration demeanor.


His affectionate family was initially from the city of Fallbrook in California. His family makes their living by means of cultivating and creature farming, which is in his family’s blood. As an immediate result, when Dignitary was a small kid, he was liable for really focusing on nine piglets and steers.

In NCAA football, the 24-year-old youthful football kicker scored a 23-yard field objective against Arizona Wildcats on Sunday, November 20, 2022. Subsequently, his group Washington State Cougars got a 20-31 success making it their third triumph in succession.

1. Senior member Janikowski Guardians Dan and Heather Janikowski Are From Fallbrook, California
Senior member Janikowski was born to his folks, his dad, Dan, and his mom, Heather Janikowski.

He had a safe and sustaining childhood with his folks. Senior member came from a working class family in Fallbrook, California. He was born into a Catholic family, and his strict childhood essentially influences how he carries on with his life.

Since his football kicker father, Dan, maintains a dairy cattle raising business, the majority of the football kicker’s childhood was spent aiding raise cows and different creatures.

And all the showing he got from his folks helping him on the field. He has this authority mindset imparted in his folks, Dan and Heather. On the pitch, he has been educated that he is profoundly coachable and regarded by his partners and mentors.

Janikowski imparted pictures on his Instagram to his folks upon the arrival of his secondary school graduation in June 2019. He transferred two pictures, one in the past prior to joining the school and one after graduation.

Also, Senior member has helped his family and has raised pigs and steers during his experience growing up days. He said that having liability regarding creatures has provided him with an abundance of knowledge into life and devotion.

2. Dignitary Janikowski Mother Heather Was A Malignant growth Endurance
Dignitary Janikowski’s mother Heather won the fight with malignant growth two times in her day to day existence, for which he is grateful to God.

“I say thanks to God for permitting her to be here with us.” He said. In any case, she needed to go through treatment consistently, yet regardless of her earnest attempts, the ailment at last demonstrated a lot for her to survive, and on January 19, 2022, she died away.

Senior member had an ordinary, on the off chance that not sound, life until 2012, when his mom was determined to have disease. Heather was determined to have bosom malignant growth in November 2012, and specialists said she just had a couple of months to live.

She initially had chemotherapy prior to going through a twofold mastectomy. The doctors were certain that they had eliminated everything, and after a lot of recuperating, her mom was considered to be disappearing in the year 2013.

Heather stayed in backslide until 2018 when she started encountering serious cerebral pains; specialists discovered that the bosom malignant growth had spread to different locales of her body, including her cerebrum.

Notwithstanding, she was as yet ready to go through treatment for the illness. In 2019, she effectively beat disease for the subsequent time and went into abatement in the wake of going through radiation therapy to her mind and immunotherapy. In any case, sadly, in the year 2020, it was found again in her lung and in her mind.

Tragically his mom died on January 19, 2022, even after she came successful in two trips with malignant growth.

WSU placekicker Janikowski has two kin. His brother’s name is Jack, and his sister is Megan.

Senior member is the most seasoned of the three, as he was born first to their folks, Dan and Heather. They all grew up playing together in California. Dignitary and his sister Megan seek after sports vocations when they age. She plays university soccer for Western New Mexico College.

Janikowski moved to Western New Mexico College from Eastern New Mexico College, where she played each of the 18 games throughout the fall time of 2021.

The two his kin went to House of God Catholic Secondary School like him. In any case, Megan, a local of Fallbrook, California, got her confirmation and early advantage to her soccer profession.

She plays as a protector and stands at 5 feet 10 inches, was chosen for the All-Association group for 2018-2020 and was instrumental in directing her side to the CIF title in 2020.

His sister was perceived as an understudy on the Senior member’s rundown at ENMU in 2021 subsequent to being named to the ENMU honor roll in 2020. She was an individual from the ECNL club group known as the Del Blemish Sharks.

Dignitary Janikowski established “Heather Janikowski Establishment” Out of appreciation for His Dearest Mother
Senior member Janikowski and his family shaped an establishment named after his late mother, the “Heather Janikowski Establishment.”

In the wake of beating disease two times, his mom, Heather, didn’t have a lot of battle left in her when she was determined to have malignant growth for the third time. It had proactively spread in a large portion of her internal organs, lungs, and mind by then, at that point.

Warrior Heather lost the fight with malignant growth in January 2012, and she died after many promising and less promising times. After her downfall, Senior member and his family chose to send off an establishment to raise assets for malignant growth treatment.

The non-benefit magnanimous Association, “The Heather Janikowski Establishment,” is devoted to supporting projects that work with sound ways of life for kids and their families. What’s more, these projects ought to represent and encourage associations that help all youngsters in arriving at their maximum capacity.

The WSU kicker intended to raise $25,000 to assist with giving the assets to the therapy of children doing combating with disease. Right now, the establishment has gathered $12,201 through Vow It.

Senior member Janikowski isn’t connected with previous Clean football kicker Sebastian Janikowski.

The two competitors have no binds with each other aside from having comparative last names. Be that as it may, in 2018, a similar inquiry was placed before the Senior member by Cougfan.com, and he answered, “Frankly, I can’t really understand.”

Senior member Janikowski isn’t connected with Sebastian Janikowski. He said he has no clue about the association individuals made him to the unbelievable Clean football kicker Sebastian.
Dignitary Janikowski isn’t connected with Sebastian Janikowski. He said he has no clue about the association individuals made him to the amazing Shine football kicker Sebastian. ( Source : youtube )
Whether he bears the family name of Sebastian Janikowski, the extraordinary kicker for the Oakland Pillagers, is another that has football fans scratching their heads.

Sebastian is initially from Poland, yet his dad moved to the US after his introduction to the world. Yet, the association that prompts his being connected with the WSU sophomore is muddled. Along these lines, they are not associated.