5 Interesting Facts About Comedian Atsuko Okatsuka

Japanese-American joke artist Atsuko Okatsuka is most popular for her stand-up satire. She functions as an essayist on the show Delicate Concentration with Jena Friedman. She has likewise showed up on Network programs, including “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, “The Late Show with James Corden” and various webcasts facilitated without help from anyone else. Notwithstanding her work in satire, Okatsuka is likewise a viral sensation on TikTok, as she is known to make viral patterns and spellbind the audience with her character. Atsuko was named a “Entertainer to Watch” and “Top 10 Jokesters to Watch” by news sources like Vulture and Break LA. However entrancing as she seems to be with her clever humor and parody on the satire culture that she loves to be a piece of. 1. Atsuko Okatsuka Guardians Met At A Game ShowAtsuko Okatsuka discussed her folks meeting at a game show. Atsuko made sense of how her folks never had a blissful marriage.

She was raised by her grandma who she lauds for being the justification for why she is perfectly healthy. Her mother is schizophrenic and her father lives in Bali with his third family.


Atsuko’s Mother was the second spouse of her dad and after their division, Atsuko lived with her mother and grandmother in Los Angeles. Following quite a while of avoiding her father, she at long last got to meet him subsequent to getting a green card and being conceded consent to leave the US. She had no clue about her dad living in Bali as she suspected she would visit Japan to meet him. Atsuko Okatsuka claims that while certain individuals go to Bali to find themselves, she went there to track down her dad and notwithstanding a little uneasiness got the opportunity to draw nearer to him and make a bond. 2. Atsuko Okatsuka Performed During a Quake Indeed, you have perused that right Atsuko continued to perform through a quake. Atsuko took things to a higher level when she performed.

It was a 7.1 Richter tremor and poked offhand fun at it while the quake was all the while going on.

She stayed cool and moved her set along while flagging the security to beware of the audience and guarantee everybody was OK.

At the point when gotten some information about it, she makes sense of that her most memorable instinctive idea was to ensure everybody was alright and not let them alarm. She knew the risk of a seismic tremor and didn’t need individuals panicking and making more bedlam.

Eventually, she went with her stomach and settled on the choice to keep individuals participated in her jokes while the house chief sorted out the protected method for removing everybody from wellbeing.

Her clasp during this mayhem became a web sensation on the web and stayed one of the most famous stand-up minutes of all time.

3. Atsuko Lived Undocumented for a considerable length of time Atsuko lived in the US undocumented for a considerable length of time. Her grandma told her that it was exclusively for a really long time to go to America. In any case, little did youthful Atsuko had any idea that her Grandmother anticipated living past her traveler visa. This accompanied a battle and feeling of dread toward removal at each step. Atsuko kids about her experience and says that it extraordinary individuals can do while living undocumented.

She makes sense of carrying on one day to the next the like every other person and that her previously thought when she got her green card as a teen was that she could at long last get a driving permit and drive to see her beau.

4. Okatsuka Began the viral #DropChallenge on TikTok We’re certain we all know about the viral #DropChallenge on TikTok. Almost certain the majority of you perusing this have even participated in the test. Despite how you have partaken in this pattern, you probably won’t have realized that Atsuko Okatsuka began everything. Her ridiculous video of dropping down in a public spot with her grandmother with the subtitle “how low could you at any point go” overwhelmed the world and made one of the most discussed patterns in TikTok. In the video, Okatsuka drops to the bass drop of Beyonce’s ‘Segment’ while giving an aloof gaze at the camera each time she crouches. This senseless demonstration proceeded to turn into the Drop Challenge.

Big names overall partook in this test, and each celebrity you could envision has pursued the direction and reproduced it in a great manner.

5. Okatsuka’s Educator Gave Her an American Name ‘Stacey’ When She Previously Moved in The USA Okatsuka showed up in the US and signed up for school. She had an instructor who gave her the name ‘Stacey’ to effectively articulate. Atsuko was excessively youthful to comprehend the reason why her instructor did this, however when she became older and gotten more familiar with the authentic setting of individuals around her. She understood that her educator was attempting to safeguard her from the tormenting and provocation she would confront assuming she kept her unique name.

Atsuko makes sense of that perhaps her instructor was singled out when she previously showed up and didn’t believe exactly the same thing should happen to youthful Atsuko.

What’s more, now that she had really established herself, she gladly strolled around singing resoundingly the renowned Chimes verse ‘They call me Stacey. That is not my name!”