5 things to know about Jonathan Crews’ shooting death and the civil lawsuit


Disheartened by the lacking reaction from neighborhood policing, Teams’ family employed a previous housewife transformed private examiner to investigate his February 2014 shooting demise. They likewise documented an improper passing claim against Brenda Lazaro, who they accept shot Teams and afterward caused it to seem like the 27-year-old shot himself trying to “demonstrate” his affection for her.

Groups from Coppell, Texas, was found lying in bed, dead from a solitary lethal discharge twisted to his heart. His family recorded a common claim, guaranteeing that his sweetheart of 90 days shot and killed him in an envious furor, in spite of Lazaro’s cases of it being a self destruction and the clinical analyst’s statement of the reason for death being “unsure.”


As per reports, the Teams family won the claim in September and got $206 million after a jury concluded that Lazaro was at fault for the casualty’s demise.

NBC Dateline accounts the shooting demise of Jonathan Groups in an episode named Behind Entryway 813. The episode likewise addresses the stunning disclosures made by his family’s autonomous examination concerning it and the common claim that brought about their approval.

“Following 27-year-old Jonathan Groups dies strangely in his Texas loft, his family assumes control over issues with an end goal to find answers.”Five key realities to realize about Jonathan Teams’ shooting demise and the common claim that followed1) Groups’ family accepts his better half killed him in an attack of envy

Jonathan Groups’ family accepts his better half of 90 days, Brenda Lazaro, shot him the evening of February 2, 2014, after she gave him a final proposal to pick either her and one more companion named Emily, and he chose to part ways with her. Lazaro later let specialists know that the 27-year-old shot himself in a peculiar endeavor to demonstrate his affection for her. Also, she was the main individual there while the shooting occurred.

The group of Jonathan Teams sued Brenda Lazaro for unjust passing in 2016. The common claim guaranteed that Lazaro, who was 27 years of age, shot and killed the victim. Pam, the casualty’s mom, uncovered some disturbing data that became known during the family’s examination and a series of defects that made police presume that there was “insufficient proof” to capture Lazaro.

An examination led by the Teams family uncovered that significant data was kept from the clinical inspector, who proclaimed that Jonathan’s reason for death was “unsure” and that no observers were at any point addressed by police. A few measurable tests were likewise never performed on the grounds that they were considered “excessively costly.”

The Groups family’s legal counselor, Thomas Shaw, guaranteed at a three-day preliminary in September 2022 that Brenda Lazaro showed “fanatical desire” while dating Teams and frequently fought with him north of one of his nearby female companions. Lazaro even made a misleading pregnancy guarantee at a certain point, guaranteeing she was pregnant with his kid.

Emily, a companion over whom Lazaro and Groups contended, affirmed that she and Sought after sought after nothing other than fellowship. As a general rule, Groups set her up with a dear companion who is currently her significant other. As per Emily, Teams informed companions the evening before he was shot that he planned to say a final farewell to Lazaro for good.

Darrell Robertson, a resigned crime criminal investigator from the Houston Police Division, expressed during his declaration that he is sure Groups didn’t shoot himself on the left half of his chest inferable from various realities, including his right-handedness, a past shoulder injury, the direction of the “gag stamp” on his body, and the manner in which the slug moved. The self destruction hypothesis, as Robertson would see it, “challenges sound judgment.”

Utilizing a pretend rifle, Robertson exhibited his viewpoint that Brenda Lazaro, the main other individual in the loft that evening, shot Groups as he lay in bed.

In September 2022, following a three-day preliminary, a Dallas Province common jury established that Brenda Lazaro, who guaranteed her beau of 90 days, Jonathan Teams, shot himself in 2014, was to be faulted for his demise and owed his family a huge number of dollars for their misfortune.

In the wake of hearing declaration for three days, the jury pondered for under three hours prior to choosing to agree with Groups’ family in the common claim recorded against Lazaro, blaming her for attack, unfair demise, bothered attack, carelessness, and net carelessness. The family got $206 million in penalties.