5 things to know about the case against Caleb Lawrence McGillvary aka Kai the Hitchhiker


Netflix is set to deliver a narrative on Caleb Lawrence McGillvary on Tuesday, January 10, 2023. Named The Ax Employing Drifter, the narrative will account the fleeting ascent and the sharp fall of McGillvary, a previous viral sensation on the web.

In 2013, McGillvary, nicknamed Kai the Drifter, was hailed a legend for saving a lady from a man by going after her just to get captured for first-degree murder only three months after the fact.


According to the decoration, the authority summation of The Ax Employing Drifter peruses:

“A joyful traveler turns into an improbable legend through viral fame before a descending winding terrains him in jail for a homicide he says was self-protection.”
A Canadian, McGillvary (35) is right now carrying out a 57-year punishment and will be qualified for parole in 2061. He will be 73 years of age when he escapes prison.

Caleb Lawrence McGillvary killed a legal counselor daily in the wake of meeting him
The Ax Employing Drifter will show how a video made McGillvary a superstar short-term and a first-degree murder brought him down in practically no time.

1) Wrongdoing and capture: Caleb Lawrence McGillvary evidently met New Jersey lawyer Joseph Galfy in Times Square on May 12, 2013. The individual invited the drifter and permitted him to remain in the visitor room. The following day, the lawyer’s body was found. Following a three-week preliminary, McGillvary was viewed as at legitimate fault for first-degree murder in April and condemned to six years in prison.

2) What McGillvary said in guard: When Caleb Lawrence McGillvary stood up in 2019, he said in safeguard that Galfy (73) offered him a brew and he shut down in the wake of drinking it. At the point when he acquired cognizance, the septuagenarian legal advisor was apparently “crushing and bumping” McGillvary, the convict said.

He then punched and kicked him with good reason, yet didn’t understand that Galfy was dead.

3) For what reason didn’t the court trust McGillvary’s adaptation: Caleb Lawrence McGillvary’s assertion didn’t coordinate with his police declaration, the indictment contended. Galfy’s body had three skull breaks and four broken ribs, so the self-preservation point by the protection didn’t make any sense.

4) Judge’s impression of McGillvary: Unrivaled Court Judge Robert Kirsch portrayed Caleb Lawrence McGillvary as “tricky, shrewd, guileful and manipulative,” and added that he is a “liability of hazardous fury”. The appointed authority was alluding to McGillvary’s substance misuse history, eruptions in court all through the preliminary, and rough attitude issues.

5) Condemning and prison time: He was ultimately condemned to 57 years in prison and before parole probability, he will serve 85% of that term. In 2021, Caleb Lawrence McGillvary’s offered to get his homicide conviction upset fizzled.

His contentions were all excused by the New Jersey Re-appraising Court, which accentuated the declaration of the clinical analyst on Galfy’s wounds. The preliminary appointed authority expressed that McGillvary’s assault was “definitely something beyond a work to foil a lewd gesture” as confirmed by the seriousness of the injuries.

In February 2013, Fox Organization’s subsidiary Channel KMPH transferred a video where Caleb Lawrence McGillvary is heard portraying a nerve racking occurrence.

As indicated by him, he caught a ride a ride by one Jett Simmons McBride. While on their ride, McBride purportedly went after the lady and McGillvary saved her by hitting McBride with an ax.

In the Fresno, California-based video, he utilizes the words, “Crush, Crush, SUH-Squash”, to portray the ax blows. The video set the web ablaze and McGillvary turned into a big name for the time being.

Caleb Lawrence McGillvary was welcome to show up on Jimmy Kimmel’s syndicated program and Stephen Colbert for an episode where he was lauded for his valiance after the Gregory Brothers changed it into a tune.

Only months after the fact, he was held for killing Another Jersey lawyer.