5 times Celebrity Game Face host Kevin Hart made celebrities participate in hilarious challenges

Superstar Game Face, Kevin Hart’s most current virtual game show, is set to get back to evaluates for season 4 on April 6, 2023, and will highlight returning and new VIPs as they contend in the show from the solace of their homes.

The show will include humorous difficulties as the big name groups contend to turn into the beneficiaries of the Hart of Champions prize, procure boasting freedoms, and bring in cash for a foundation of their decision.


“Every episode will highlight three renowned pairs contending with one another in crazy and outrageous at-home games, for example, “Flip It Great,” in which one colleague wears flippers on their feet while different wears a bowl tied on their head in a race against different superstars to flip three waffles from their out of control footwear into the bowl.”

“”Celeb Face Game,” in which one partner will have a picture of an individual or creature over their face that they should figure as their other colleague depicts the picture without utilizing specific words.”
Tune in on Thursday, April 6, 2023, at 9 pm ET to watch the season debut of VIP Game Face season 4 on E!

Multiple times Kevin Hart’s difficulties in Superstar Game Face were too clever to even consider missing over the seasons

The E! show has been broadcasting in real time starting around 2020 and has reliably circulated seasons in a steady progression. The show has seen big names contend in funny and creative moves over the course of the years to win cash for a foundation of their decision while likewise furnishing watchers with scraps that are difficult to quit thinking about.

As a feature of the test, the Big name Game Face challengers intend to turn into the primary group to eat an entire treat. The treat will be put on the challengers’ brow, and they need to direct it down to their mouths without utilizing their hands.

In this game, the famous people should figure the name of a tune that their accomplice orders. The big names should play out the snare step or a renowned step as their accomplices endeavor to figure the move.

Get in my MouthOne more taking care of challenge of VIP Game Face requests that the big names have a marshmallow in their mouths while wearing a Kevin Hart exceptional cap that contains a casting pole, a string, and a marshmallow hanging toward the finish of the string. Without utilizing their hands, they should swing the marshmallow into their mouths.

As a feature of the test, the contending superstars should eat a whole plate of a specific dish without utilizing their hands while wearing the equivalent hoodie. One variety incorporates one superstar utilizing their hands to take care of their partner, however it implies that the other colleague should complete the food without help from anyone else.

In this Superstar Game Face challenge, the competitors should call a picked companion who will respond to inquiries for them. The picked individual knows about being on the telephone and responding to inquiries for the game show. The inquiries posed, in any case, are abnormal, amusing, and, surprisingly, awkward.

Tune in on Thursday, April 6, 2023, at 9 pm ET to watch the season debut of Superstar Game Face season 4 on the E! Network.