7-Month-Old Boy ‘Fighting for His Life’ After Being Mauled by Pit Bulls


A 7-month-old kid was genuinely harmed after he was gone after by two pit bulls in Washington D.C. last week.

The kid, whose name has just been delivered as Semaj S., is “battling for his life” after the assault, his family tells Fox 5 News. He experienced a cracked skull and other serious wounds.


As per the family, Semaj’s mom dropped him off with a sitter on November 3. Sooner or later, the sitter got a few things done, leaving Semaj with another grown-up who the mother didn’t have any idea. During that time, the guardian’s canines went after and destroyed the 7-month-old.

The kid was raced to the clinic where he has been in the emergency unit. He had a medical procedure on Sunday, three days after the assault.

“Consistently is a battle for him,” Semaj’s auntie tells Fox 5. “Consistently is something else. He is as yet basic in the NICU.”

A Washington D.C. police representative affirms to Individuals that a lady — who is irrelevant to Semaj — was likewise basically harmed in the assault.

Relatives tell Fox 5 News the harmed lady was the little girl of the pit bulls’ proprietor.

It indistinct hinted at the assault or what has befallen the canines. Police are researching to check whether the proprietors will have to deal with any penalties.

Semaj’s family has begun a GoFundMe to fund-raise for the youngster’s clinical costs.

“He is in escalated care with an extremely, long street to recuperation,” the family composes. “We are incredibly wrecked and have never managed a circumstance to this size previously.”

Notwithstanding the Semaj’s actual recuperation, his family is worried about his psychological prosperity. “His life has not as yet even begun,” his auntie tells Fox 5, “and he’s now been damaged.”