8 times BTS’ Jung Kook went viral in 2022

BTS’ Jung Nut-job rose higher than ever in 2022. He was named an irreplaceable asset for his presentation at the FIFA World Cup in Qatar and delivered an outline finishing off coordinated effort with Charlie Puth.

Jung Screwball was as of late named among one of the 200 Biggest Vocalists Ever by Drifter, turning into the main Korean craftsman to make it onto the rundown. In any case, the year was unfinished without him giving fans a few viral minutes.


From his stupendous Visionaries execution to a competing meeting with a real MMA contender, this article gathers together multiple times BTS’ Jung Wacko was moving in 2022.

8 viral snapshots of BTS’ Jung Crackpot in 20221) FIFA World Cup Qatar
Jung Crackpot’s live presentation of Visionaries at the initial service of the FIFA World Cup in Qatar exploded on different web-based entertainment, acquiring a large number of perspectives in no time.

The 25-year-old turned into the primary Korean to perform at the competition, getting overall appreciation for his lively presentation and stage presence. One of the most notorious Jung Nutcase minutes up until this point, this exhibition is certainly one for the set of experiences books.

BTS’ Jung Nut-job posted a capricious birthday wish for Jimin on Weverse that made the being a fan (Armed force) go crazy.

In the video, the Maknae (most youthful part) moans a great deal while flaunting his charms. He gradually eliminates his glasses, unsettles his wavy hair, and gazes into the camera briefly prior to saying:

While there’s something else to the video besides Jungkook being his sensational self, fans spouted over his attractive features, bringing about him moving over Jimin, on the last’s exceptional day.

One of BTS’ most well known tunes, Run BTS had its own TikTok challenge. The individuals posted their variant of the movement via online entertainment. Notwithstanding, Jung Crackpot had a somewhat unique interpretation of it.

BTS’ lead artist rather than effectively executing each move, as he truly does in front of an audience, furrowed to the tune from his lodging in Qatar, which fans completely delighted in watching. A legitimate rendition of the test he did with V, likewise turned into a web sensation later on.

4) Tattoo sleeve uncover

BTS’ Jung Crackpot gifted fans one more popular second from the arrangement of Visionaries music video in Qatar. The blistering climate of the Center East nation joined with the visuals of sleeveless Jung Wacko displaying his sleeve tattoo and conditioned arms sent fans into a total implosion.

They fainted over how the performer certainly displayed his tattoos today, after beforehand being wary about uncovering them on camera.

During the BTS MBTI Lab 2 episode, every one of the individuals offered their much-anticipated perspective on the Perilla Leaf banter, notwithstanding, Jung Nut-job’s surprising justification for his decision left Armed force in parts

For the unversed, the well known banter encompassing the perilla leaf is about whether it is acceptable for somebody to isolate the leaves (which are typically stayed together) for somebody who isn’t their accomplice or critical other.

The most youthful said he could have done without the possibility of his accomplice isolating it for anybody on the grounds that as per him, the good thought could wind up in marriage. His silly creative mind, which indicated his possessive nature, immediately turned into an idea among fans.