‘85% of Nigerian women are l3sbians’ – Actress Uju Mandy reveals

Hefty measured Nollywood entertainer Uju Mandy has made an intriguing disclosure about the sexuality of most Nigerian ladies.

The very straightforward content translator through the remark part of a blog indicated that around 85% of Nigerian ladies are rehearsing l3sbianism however concealing with men.


“For young ladies on this remark area will shape holy people. They do calm l3sbianism. 85% of Nigerian young ladies are l3sbians,” she composed.

Sufficiently entertaining, a few remarks are supporting her cases and the greater part of them are demanding that the rate is more than 85 however 95 and 90 by and large.
Review that Uju Mandy who had said she is a lot of single and not prepared for marriage uncovered reasons she isn’t willing to settle down at any point in the near future.

The single parent of one likewise added the circumstances that would make her settle as a subsequent spouse.

Hear her: “I’m extremely frightened of marriage. It is difficult. I’m not only prepared for the present since I’m terrified of separation. Men will continuously cheat since they are polygamous. Indeed, even jazz can not prevent a man from cheating. I’m not a holy person however, I have likewise undermined my accomplice. I found him undermining me, so I repeated.

Assuming I get hitched and my significant other cheats, I’ll not leave the association. I’ll excuse him and we iron things out. Indeed, even wedded ladies cheat as well.”
For UjuMandy it has not been simple adapting to her larger estimated boobs.

The Anambra state-born single parent mourned her torments.

“As a woman with hefty measured b00bs, I face bunches of difficulties particularly affronts from individuals. I mean a lot of put-downs from all kinds of people. Some even body – disgrace me due to my big b00bs. While some will say that my sense is on my bosom. A wide range of cruel words yet I couldn’t care less.

As of late, somebody offended me once more, saying that I don’t have sense and I reason with my big br3asts