’90 Day Fiancé’ ‘s Debbie Debates Moving to Tony’s Skull- and Dragon-Covered Home: ‘He Has a Dark Side’

multi Day: The Single Life’s Debbie Johnson wasn’t anticipating prisons and mythical serpents after visiting her sweetheart, Tony’s, condo.

In a selective sneak look at Monday’s episode, the 69-year-old widow questions what she’s found herself mixed up with while visiting Tony, 69, in Canada.


“It’s not the very thing I expected to see,” she tells cameras after pulling up to Tony’s home, which is enhanced with Halloween-covered lights in any event, during the slow time of year.

As Debbie goes into the house, the lights proceed — and she’s met with different adornments.

Foal Johnson’s mother starts to see skulls and winged serpents … all over the place. “I like your skulls up there,” she tells Tony as the camera dish to a wreath of bones. “Those are cool.”

Answers Tony, “Do you see the winged serpent?” “The main thing I see when I stroll in is this mythical serpent skull emerging from the wall,” Debbie expresses later in a meeting.

“Then, at that point, I got higher up… ” — by then, the clasp slices to show her genuine response to seeing a table covered with glass skulls. “The winged serpent’s head was not worth fretting over.”

“Wherever you look there’s winged serpents,” Debbie remarks. Tony says gathering them enjoys become a leisure activity: “On the off chance that I see winged serpents, I get them.”

Next Debbie brings up a human-sized skeleton sitting in an edge of Tony’s lounge area.

“He let me know he gathered things,” Debbie says in a voiceover, as shelves brimming with bones and winged serpents streak by. “However, this is beyond anything I could have expected.”

The last surprise is a dark Christmas tree in Tony’s room, which he keeps up and lit all year. “Tony’s home is most certainly unique,” Debbie tells cameras.

“Who the f- – – has a dark Christmas tree with purple and blue lights and bugs on it — the entire year. I don’t have the foggiest idea, perhaps he has a clouded side.”

However, it isn’t all awful. Tony has gotten out a whole dresser so Debbie will feel comfortable. Inside, he likewise left a few unique gifts, including underwear and a sweater.

Debbie is likewise gifted her most memorable strap. “I’ve never worn a strap in my life, yet I’ll wear it for you,” she tells Tony.

The gifts change the tone a little. “Truly, Tony’s home is really dreadful,” Debbie says.

“In any case, the way that he put away a cabinet of provocative unmentionables, it shows that he’s actual sweet and smart.”

In last week’s episode of multi Day: The Single Life, Debbie was met with inquiries of where she’ll move straightaway.

With time for her choice expiring, Tony offered that Debbie could move in with him.

For Debbie, that would mean abandoning her loved ones in America after just gathering Tony in person two times.

While her excursion in Canada is a heartfelt escape, it’s likewise a deciding element on where Debbie will reside straightaway — and assuming Tony has a spot in that choice.

multi Day: The Single Life airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on tender loving care.