A Complete List of Adam Levine’s Tattoos and Their Meanings

Adam Levine has had nothing under 31 realized tattoos comprising of all that from little words to huge illustrations, of which a significant number of them have more profound implications than others While Adam Levine’s all around kept up with build altogether acquired him this title, his tattoos, which he has an unquenchable craving for, have likewise tremendously added to the rough sex request he has. It is really challenging to consider Adam Levine and not quickly have a picture of the staggering and interesting tattoos on his body.

Every one of the Tattoos on Adam Levine’s Body The intricate tattoos on Adam Levine’s body will grab anyone’s eye, and interest many individuals since there is something else to them besides what meets the eye. The vocalist has an enormous hunger for tattoos and they cover a lot of room on his body. He apparently got his most memorable tattoo when he was 21 and has not quit inking his body from that point forward. As he keeps on venturing through life, he tracks down it wise to etch those minutes that have an extraordinary importance onto his own body.

He has, be that as it may, confessed to having every so often gotten a tattoo for reasons unknown. Here are Adam Levine’s all’s tattoos and what they mean.

1. Tiger Adam Levine has a tiger inked on his right arm, around his inward right elbow. He says the tattoo was roused by his adoration for a Tibetan drawing book.

2. Guitar Adam used to be the lead guitarist of the Kara Blossoms band, which is the band from which Maroon 5 starts. The guitar may very well be his most loved playing instrument. He adores it such a lot of that he got it tatted to his left side lower arm.

3. Roman Numeral ‘X’ He has a X, the Roman numeral for 10, to his left side lower arm. He inspired it to mark the tenth commemoration of Maroon 5’s presence.

4. Mother Heart Adam certainly cherishes his mom. By what other method to tell the world how he feels about the extraordinary lady in his life than inking it on his body. He has “Mother” looked across a heart in a strip on his right lower arm. The vocalist concedes that his mom seriously don’t really like his tattoos, so he got one that he accepted would acquire her endorsement of his tattoos.

5. Los Angeles Being a glad local of the city of Holy messengers, Adam has the name Los Angeles engraved on his right shoulder.

6. 222 He has the number 222 composed to his left side lower arm. The number is of wistful worth to Adam as it was the entryway number of Maroon 5’s most memorable recording studio.

7. Feathers and Other Enriching Intonations The rockstar has an extraordinarily gorgeous sleeve tattoo that highlights feathers and different accents. He says he got the tattoo to keep him warm around evening time.

8. Bird and Cherry Blooms In memory of the multitude of individuals who lost their lives on the September 11, 2001 fear based oppressor assaults, Adam Levine got a tattoo of a bird and bright blooms to his left side shoulder. The vocalist was 21 years of age at the time he chose to get the ink on his body and it has become one of the most appreciated and regarded body tats of Maroon 5 star.

9. Messy Cursive Adam Levine has a messy cursive tattoo on his right swelling biceps. These words were already obscure to the general population, notwithstanding, ongoing reports say it is “you’re not kidding” composed multiple times. He supposedly got it subsequent to wedding Behati Prinsloo in 2014. They are said to have a similar tattoo and have devoted it to one another.

10. Genuine affection Knuckle Tattoo One of the later increases to his body is a tattoo of “Genuine romance” inked across his knuckles. Adam got the tattoo to show the world the adoration he has for his better half.


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11. Shark He has a shark drawn on his right ribs. Adam says that this is on the grounds that sharks rank high in his rundown of entrancing animals on the planet, despite the fact that he has conceded that they are additionally his biggest apprehensions.

12. TAPAS in Sanskrit To his left side peck, simply over his heart, Adam has “TAPAS” inked in Sanskrit script. The word implies reflection through retribution, warmth, fire, or enthusiasm. Being a colossal yoga lover, he acknowledges the discipline for completely changing him. He says he set the tattoo at a more secret area since it is exceptionally private and vital to him.

13. Sunflower He likewise has a sunflower tattoo on his right peck which reaches out to his shoulder. He says it looks like a scrumptious cabbage however it likewise supplements his abs.

14. Dark Globules Neckband Tattoo One tattoo Adam Levine gives no great explanation for accomplishing, despite the fact that its job in upgrading his appearance is no mean accomplishment, is a dark beaded jewelry around his neck. He got the tattoo in Japan. At the point when inquired as to why he got it, he facetiously said that it’s there to guarantee that he never misses the mark on accessory.

15. Falcon Adam has a falcon drawn on his abs. Falcons address fortitude and Adam says that he got it as an indication of what an intriguing excursion life has been. The tattoo extends across the front of his midsection.

16. Hand Of A Lady Holding A Rose With Genuine romance Composed A hand of a lady holding a rose with the words “Genuine romance” composed on the hands is drawn to his left side chest pec.

17. California Like his Los Angeles tattoo, Adam Levine has “California” inked on his midsection. It is a recognition for his home state.

18. Lion Said to address devotion and fearlessness, the Maroon 5 lead vocalist has an image of a lion inked just beneath his midsection button and the ‘California’ tattoo.

19. Butterfly To one side of the lion tattoo under his maritime, Adam has a butterfly inked there. This tat is said to address confidence, change, and opportunity.

20. Female Centaur Face To one side of his lion tattoo is that of a female centaur face. It isn’t clear what this tattoo addresses.

21. ‘B’ and ‘R’ To his left side peck, not long before his areola, Adam has the letters in order ‘D’ and ‘R’ written in an early English textual style. Many have mixed up this tattoo to mean Brother, where the letter set ‘O’ is addressed by the vocalist’s areola. Notwithstanding, it has since been uncovered to be the initials of his girl’s name, Dusty Rose.

22. Noah Levine To his left side rib, adjacent to the falcon tattoo, Adam has his center and keep going name composed on his body.

23. Sea Waves Sea waves are inked all through Adam’s left leg. He got the ink in Walk 2021 and it was finished by craftsman Nathan Kostechko. While uncovering it to the general population on his Instagram story, he put out an inscription that said it was the “most over the top excruciating method for getting a tan”. The tattoo required three days to be finished.

24. Mermaid With Wings Holding A Skull Adam Levine has an intricate tattoo that fills his whole back. Its focal point of fascination is a winged mermaid holding a skull. Other noticeable pieces in the tattoo incorporate a boat, a boat wheel, waves, shells, blossoms, surging mists, and the sun in addition to other things.

Adam gave fans a first gander at the tattoo by means of a pic he posted on his Instagram page. He uncovered that it took him a half year to finish and was finished by his number one tattoo craftsman, Bryan Randolph. Before the colossal tattoo on his back became what it at present resembles, there existed a drawing of a model (implying his adoration for Victoria’s Mystery models) and a canine’s paw with the name of his previous pet, a brilliant retriever named Frankie Young lady.

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