A Trick Of The Mind Movie Cast & Review

A Stunt Of The Psyche cast, Alexandra Holden and Paul Johansson star in the main jobs in the film. The film was delivered by Lifetime Film on various dates around the world. On July 31, 2006, the film was delivered with a similar name in the USA; on April 6, 2007, in France with the title ‘Au bord de la folie’; on July 29, 2008, in Hungary, named ‘Gyilkos káprázat’; on August 3, 2008, in Canada. Terry Ingram, who has over 25 years of involvement with media outlets, coordinated the film. He has delivered in excess of 50 episodes of television series and in excess of 30 motion pictures. Also, he has worked globally in Canada, Spain, the USA, and South Africa.

The plot of the film rotates around a lady (Alexandra Holden) who helps a specialist (Stacy Award) to gather proof against her better half (Paul Johansson). The runtime of the film is 1 hour 28 minutes.


A Stunt Of The Brain Film Cast and Survey In the film, A Stunt of the Brain, Alexandra Holden is given a role as Jamie, Paul Johansson as Michael, and Stacy Award as Helen. The film story starts following the mishap of Jamie’s folks, who later acquired multimillion-pound property. On the opposite side, Jamie’s significant other, Michael, and Lacey plan to acquire Jamie’s abundance. Here we have recorded the cast and jobs played in the film: Paul Johansson as MichaelAmerican-born Canadian entertainer Paul Johansson depicts the personality of Michael in the film. Michael, in this film, showed up as the darling turned-spouse of Jamie (Alexandra Holden).

Appearing his job on the drama St Nick Barbara, Johansson came to immense distinction after he handled his part in Highlander: The Series and its side project Highlander: The Raven as Nick Wolfe. The 58-years entertainer, Paul, is from Spokane, Washington, the USA. Aquarius is his zodiac sign according to his birthdate (January 26, 1964). He is the child of Baron Johnson, who is a very much perceived ice hockey player from Canada. Stacy Award as Helen otherwise known as LaceyStacy Award’s job as Helen in the film (A Stunt of the Brain) is to polish off Jamie (Alexandra Holden) for her acquired riches.

Stacy is exceptionally striking for her films – Shanghai Early afternoon, First Wave, and Travelers. Other than this, her jobs should be visible in Chocolate, Compose and Off-base, The Trepidation: Halloween Night, Madison, and Cold Crew.

Alexandra Holden as Jamie Alexandra Holden in A Stunt Of The Brain assumed the part of Jamie as the lead job. In the film, she is the little girl of her dad (Ellison Reality’s President). During the film course of events, Jamie should be visible assisting Lacey with gathering the proof against her companion, Michael. American entertainer Alexandra Holden, 45, is known for her appearance in movies and television series, including Companions, Wishcraft, Sugar and Flavor, Rizzoli and Isles, Dead, Undercover Undertakings, NCIS, CSI, Cold Cast, from there, the sky is the limit.

Born on April 30, 1977, Alexandra is from Northfield, Minnesota. She is the girl of Barry Holden and Kristi.

Moreover, the other cast and supporting jobs in this film include:

Wanda Cannon as Dr. Hauser Ben Cole as Josh Hagen Mylène Dinh-Robic as Serena (as Mylene Robic) Bruce Dawson as Paul MacNeil Karen Elizabeth Austin as Elinda (as Karen Austin)Jennifer Shirley as Chrissie Suzanne Bastien as Nina Larry Smith as Henry Shirley Broderick as Dana Paul Wu as Tow transporter Sarah J. Kamal as Medical attendant (as Sarah Hattingh) Peter Benson as trama center Specialist Tracy Trueman as Lili Kwesi Ameyaw as Bobby Michelle Brezinski as Marcia Nathalie Therriault as Teresa Chilton Crane as Lynette Coming to the audits, the film got unfortunate pundits. Surfing into the IMDB page, just three clients have audited it till now. Peruse what the pundits needed to say regarding the film.

One remarked ‘intriguing spine chiller’ and removed 3 from 10 stars; the following one remarked ‘unsurprising’ and removed 3 from 10 stars. The last one removed 8 from 10 stars on the page.

The spine chiller film is by all accounts normal and experiences plot openings.

Where could you at any point watch A Stunt Of The Brain? You can watch A Stunt Of The Brain on Lifetime Film Club. The film is additionally accessible in Microsoft Store and Amazon Video, where you can lease or get it for $19.99 (SD). The shooting and creation of A Stunt Of The Psyche occurred in Canada. The creation organization of this film is Knowledge Film Studios, and its wholesaler is American Film Global (around the world) (all media).

Shooting Area Incorporate Maple Edge, English Columbia, Canada The film ‘A Stunt Of The Psyche’ was shot in Maple Edge, English Columbia, Canada

In like manner, the exceptionally expected motion pictures and television series, like The X-Records, Horns, Monster, Jumanji, Time for Them to Get back to visit the family, and that’s just the beginning, were additionally shot here.