“Absolutely deserved!”: Fans go gaga over RRR winning Best Foreign Language Film at Critics Choice Awards 2023

The 2023 honor season forged ahead with Sunday night, January 16, as the Pundits Decision Grants 2023 was circulated live from Los Angeles. Facilitated by Chelsea Controller, the service will see motion pictures and series across 41 classifications being perceived and granted for their remarkable accomplishments.

The Pundits Decision Grants 2023 started on Sunday night at 7 pm ET/6 pm CT on CW. Among the early honor victors was RRR, which won the honor for the Best Unknown dialect Film.


This is RRR’s second success this year. Simply last week, the film won an honor for the Best Tune at the Brilliant Globes 2023, and presently it has sacked one more win at the Pundits Decision Grants 2023.

After the triumph, fans couldn’t quit spouting over the film on Twitter. Some likewise addressed why it was not submitted for the Oscars, guaranteeing that it would’ve had a potential for success to win.

“My significant other, Rama, she is the outfit creator for my movies yet she’s more than that. She is an incredible fashioner. On the off chance that she’s not there, I’m not there today. To my girls, they sit idle, their grin is sufficient to illuminate my life. At last to my country, India, Mera Bharat Mahan, Jai Rear! Much thanks to you.”

A portion of different champs who stowed an honor at the function were Jennifer Coolidge, who won the Best Supporting Entertainer in a Show Series, for The White Lotus, and Giancarlo Esposito, who sacked the Best Supporting Entertainer in a Dramatization Series for Better Call Saul.

Given the ongoing circumstance with the worldwide pandemic, all participants for the honor function were expected to get tried for Coronavirus and present a negative report 72 hours preceding the honor service. The Pundits Decision Grants 2023 is the main significant honor function to have these ordered guidelines. Because of this, famous people like Jamie Lee Curtis, Colin Farrell, and Brendon Gleeson, who got a positive experimental outcome, couldn’t go to the service.