Actress Dorcas Fapson Calls Out Nigerians For Prioritising Asake’s Movement Over Nigeria’s Unpalatable Foreign Exchange

Nigerian entertainer, DJ Dorcas Fapson, has mourned over the ongoing worth of Nigeria’s money the Naira at 900 against 1 English pound( £1), unfamiliar trade, and how Nigerians are not made a big deal about it.

As per the DJ, she anticipates that Nigerians should be more centered around the devalued worth of our dear country’s naira esteem than on observing Asake’s tune.

She composed:  pound is going to #900/£1 stay silent and pay attention to Asake

Proceed   Kemi Fillani news reviews that Nollywood entertainer and plate jockey, Dorcas Shola Fapson was hauled web-based over a neglected obligation.

The media character had requested a dress for the AMVCA eighth version at the last hour and had paid portion of the cash.

Sadly, Dorcas wasn’t intrigued with the dress, however she wore it to the AMVCA and took a few pictures with it.

The entertainer would not adhere to the part of her arrangement as she obstructed all types of contact with the creator when he mentioned his equilibrium.

Goaded by her move, he made to his Instagram page to drag the plate jockey.

He guaranteed that Dorcas Fapson didn’t pay for textures or administrations but didn’t have any desire to pay for the materials.