Actress, Oghenekaro Itene to celebrate birthday to raise funds for flood victims

Nigerian Hollywood star, Oghenekaro Itene is set to praise her birthday on the 24th of October 2022, to raise assets for the impacted casualties of the flood at present happening in Nigeria.

Oghenekaro, who couldn’t conceal her sentiments, emerged on her Instagram confirmed page to show worry for the impacted casualties, saying “this could happen to anyone and we ask it shouldn’t go past this.

My heart drains to see numerous Nigerians being destitute. I had serious designs for my birthday this year, however with what is happening in Nigeria, I can’t praise my birthday as expected, I need to channel all my cash, assets and everything to the impacted casualties”.

Oghenekaro, who showed such a lot of concern, approached all Nigerians at home and abroad to join in protecting the impacted flood casualties in Nigeria by giving only a tad to save lives and furthermore put looks favorably upon their countenances.

Entertainer, Oghenekaro Itene to praise birthday to raise assets for flood casualties

“Everything ought not be about the public authority, we, as people, and residents , likewise play significant parts to play in the general public, God All-powerful will help all of us to eliminate that aggravation from the impacted casualties”

She additionally bemoaned how the flood has taken over numerous towns including her town. She is approaching all concerned Nigerians to join her in safeguarding the flood casualties…

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