“Actual groomer”: Mayor Hissam Hussein Dehaini garners backlash for marrying 16-year-old girl and offering her mother top job

Hissam Hussein Dhaini, the 65-year-old city hall leader of the Brazilian express Parana’s Araucaria district, wedded a 16-year-old young lady last month. The news surfaced web-based throughout the course of recent days, leaving the web shocked.

Trigger Admonition: This article contains ramifications of p*dophilia. Peruser’s prudence is encouraged.


The 16-year-old lady, Kauane Rode Camargo, partook in the youngster classification at the Miss Araucaria magnificence exhibition and came next. As per reports, she met Hissam at a get-together.

Vogue Brazil detailed that the “youngster princess” is right now a secondary school understudy and goes to a urban military school in Araucaria, which is regulated by her significant other. Hissam is serving his second term as the city’s chairman and hitched the high schooler young lady subsequent to separating from his subsequent spouse last year.

The day after their wedding on April 12, 2023, Kauane’s mom, Marilene Rode, was elevated to the post of Secretary of Culture of Araucaria. Reports express that preceding this, Marilene had been the overall secretary. Marilene’s sister, Elizângela Rode, likewise fills in as a chief at City Lobby.

Not long after the news arose via web-based entertainment stages, netizens began sharing their responses. One Twitter client, @ask_aubry, considered Hissam Hussein a “custodian.”

65-year-old Hissam Hussein’s union with 16-year-old Kauane Rode didn’t agree with netizens. The distinct age contrast and Kauane being a minor disrupted numerous who took in the news. Some composed that despite the fact that the lawful time of assent in Brazil is 14, Hissam had purportedly kept a relationship with Kauane since she was 13.

Kauane’s mom, Marilene Rode, is faulted for selling her little girl for political increase
A Brazilian news source, Hora Brasilia, revealed that the association of Hissam and Kauane has been seen by individuals of Araucaria to act as an illustration of genuine romance that defeated biases.

Following the marriage, Parana state examiners began investigating whether Hissam utilized his leverage to employ Kauane’s relatives to government positions. Thusly, Hissam eliminated both Marilene and Elizangela from their advanced jobs on Tuesday, April 25. In any case, the city of Araucaria safeguarded Marilene Rode’s recruiting in a proclamation and said:

As per G1, a Brazilian media source, Marilene Rode was first utilized as a counselor to the metropolitan secretary in August 2021. She later got an advancement and filled in as Hissam Hussein’s leader collaborator. In January last year, Marilene was named the Overseer of the Araucaria Branch of Training.

Some Twitter clients said that Marilene was already involved with Hissam Hussein before the city chairman wedded her little girl, Kauane. Netizens were insulted at the mother for offering her girl to a custodian for monetary and political increase.

This isn’t whenever Hissam Hussein first has gotten reaction for his activities. During his initial term filling in as the city hall leader, he apparently delegated the relatives of his then-spouse to administrative posts. It made everybody question his recruiting rehearses. He was additionally researched by the Common Society Association of Public Interest in 2019 after Hissam named a few relatives to Araucaria’s administration jobs.

Be that as it may, Hissam Hussein was in the end gotten free from all bad behaviors. Yet, in November 2020, he was supposedly captured regarding a medication dealing examination and was blamed for defending medication dealers. For assurance, Hissam additionally purportedly paid off cops. Regardless of the examination, the city chairman was not sentenced for any charges.

The nearby board in Araucaria purportedly wouldn’t address the wedding or remark on it since they considered it an individual matter. Notwithstanding, what appeared to be more upsetting to netizens was that the Brazilian Common Code expresses that people matured sixteen can get hitched. In that capacity, tthey would require approval from the two guardians of both the party or their legitimate watchmen until the singular arrives at the time of common greater part.

Individuals were disturbed that both Kauane’s dad and mom most likely marked the reports expected to have her 16-year-old little girl wed a 65-year-elderly person.

According to reports, more than 2.2 million adolescent young ladies and minors are right now hitched in Brazil. Flávia Gomes Cordeiro, an examiner from the territory of Piauí, said that kid marriage for young ladies in Brazil closes in a few outcomes, including absence of expert preparation, an existence of homegrown help or subjugation, school dropout, limitations on versatility and opportunity, and prohibition from the expert work market.