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Almost twelve individuals have been arraigned regarding the passing of Adam Oakes. He died after a crew party in February 2021. The school situated in Richmond, given an assertion Friday saying that it “keeps on grieving” Adam Oakes’ passing.

Adam Oakes was a 19-year-old kid of Sterling. He was considering studying sports the executives, marketing, or criminal equity. According to Oakes family members, he was a gigantic avid supporter who once wouldn’t wash his hand subsequent to finding the opportunity to high-five NBA star Kevin Durant.

Following eight months of Adam Oakes’ demise, interestingly, his folks, Linda and Eric Oakes deeply inhaled help. With an alleviation that capture and insurance from initiation they might provide for youthful understudies, Oakes family composed an assertion to 8News’ Tyler Thrasher.

It peruses, “We are appreciative for some proportion of equity these charges and captures might create, just as the insurance from right of passage they might give youthful,

naive undergrads,”. During a meeting with 8News, his mom said she would battle for the right and to help different children honest till she dies. His dad said that he cherished him and miss him. Furthermore, he said life is vacant without Adam and trusted this won’t ever happen to some other kid.

His folks dispatched a charitable to help ‘instruct and change seniors to school’. 11 individuals have been arraigned in association with the affirmed preliminaries passing of Adam Oakes. 8 individuals have been captured as of Friday, a Richmond representative said.

7 individuals were captured by the VCU Police Department and one was made by Virginia State Police. They were each of the 19-22 years of age old enough. They were accused of unlawful inception of understudies or also, buy/offering liquor to the minor. He was found inert inside the house on the morning of Feb 27.

Adam Oakes Obituary uncovered he died of “ethanol harmfulness”, also called liquor harming according to the Chief Medical Examiner.

In an email, the clinical analyst’s office said the demise is being viewed as a mishap. There is no extra VPM data for this situation. VCU is at present directing an autonomous audit of all Greek life associations nearby in light of Oakes’ demise.