Adenike Adediran emerges maiden winner, Face of Brightquests


The “Inventive Edition” of the first “Substance Of Brightquests” contest conveyed its most memorable boss, 10-year-old Adenike Adediran, alongside a few other gifted youthful pearls.

The significant objective of “Face of BrightsQuests,” as indicated by the event’s coordinator Selina Carayol, is to raise ages that know about their abilities and give guardians the chance to help their kids’ gifts quite early in life.

“The quantity of astounding kids with remarkable abilities in our country is faltering. All we truly need to do is to placed the enthusiasm and dedication into finding, creating, and showing their gifts to the world, and our tomorrow will be lit up by the lights of these youngsters”. She accentuated considerably more.

Despite the fact that Carayol’s vehicle for kids’ change is “Face of BrightsQuests,” her relationship with youngsters didn’t start with it. Working with youngsters has forever been a piece of who I am, particularly when I needed to prepare my own more youthful sister when she was just 3 years of age”. She was energized.

Carayol’s Odyssey with kids has been a personal thrill ride. Inside under 5 years, she changed from being a class educator to training school clubs to turning into a coach for youngsters and teens. “These encounters changed and stoked the fire that prompted the foundation of the Brightquests Agency, which makes the network show “Face of BrightsQuests.”