Adrian Lewis Wife Sarah Podmore And His Beautiful Family Of Four

Adrian Lewis and his better half Sarah Podmore share two natural kids. Adrian and Sarah met through his sister Sharon Encourage.

Lewis and Podmore have been hitched for a very long time and have all in all seen numerous ups and downs. They got together when Adrian was on top of his structure, having brought home his most memorable PDC championship.

The double cross PDC Champion has said he should seriously mull over retirement in the event that he doesn’t have a decent run at the continuous Big showdown.

Nicknamed “Big stake”, Adrian traveled to the subsequent round in the wake of overcoming Daniel Larsson and presently likes his possibilities against “The Intensity” Damon Heta.

Adrian Lewis spouse Sarah Podmore was his fan before she sealed the deal with him in 2012.

Born on May 4, 1987, Sarah is presently 35 years of age. She is two years more youthful than her significant other and was raised close by her brother, Loot Podmore.

Prior to meeting the dart champion, Sarah was hitched to an assembly line laborer named Mark Welch, with whom she shares three youngsters. The couple had known one another since their young years, yet soon the relationship began shaping openings as his mate began to spend time with Sarah Cultivate.

Sarah Encourage is the sister of Adrian Lewis, and it is through her that Podmore had the opportunity to meet her ongoing spouse and soul mate. Lewis would agree that that Sarah added the truly necessary flash to his life as his relationship with his then-accomplice Katie-Adele Hughes began going bad.

As Lewis came out on top for his most memorable PDC Championship in 2011, he declared that he was heading out in a different direction with Katie. Sometime thereafter, Adrian popped the big inquiry to Sarah as the two got ready for marriage.

After effectively guarding his title in 2012, the dart champion reported he was hoping to settle down with Sarah as he was presently monetarily secure.

Sarah’s significant other Mark Welch was quick to censure the dart champions for his remarks as he promised to stretch the separation settlement with Sarah however much he could, yet it didn’t exactly work out.

Adrian and Sarah secured the bunch on August 6, 2012, at a delightful service held at Peckforton Palace, and are presently guardians to two youngsters.

Adrian Lewis spouse Sarah Podmore was determined to have kidney illness in 2015.

Recently, in a meeting with Orche 180 darts, the European Title victor said it’s been trying for him to zero in on his game because of all-inclusive visits at the emergency clinic for his accomplice Sarah.

There were discusses Adrian’s structure falling for quite a while, yet the dart maestro said nothing regarding his mate’s continuous fight before the meeting.

More than the patient, it’s the guardians, who struggle with managing intellectually, and with incessant clinic stays, it’s no big surprise that Lewis has not had the option to zero in on his game.

Lately, Adrian has likewise attempted to zero in on his wellbeing. In 2021, he uncovered to The Sun that he had stopped drinking and was following boxing legend Tyson Rage’s lockdown exercises.

His weight, which had swelled throughout the long term, has been apparently descending as he knackered himself by working out each day of the week. Adrian will likewise be trusting that with an upswing in his actual wellness, there will likewise be an upswing in structure.

Lewis’ positioning has fallen beginning around 2016, and with the specialists saying that Sarah’s condition could see her meeting medical clinics significantly more oftentimes, he would trust that he could essentially figure out his expert life.

Adrian Lewis and Sarah Podmore share seven youngsters out of which two of them are their natural kids.

Sarah imparts three kids to her previous accomplice Mark Walsh.

She shares two children, Jay and Ryan, and a little girl, Hollie-Mae, with Walsh.

The couple had a public aftermath in 2012 after Adrian reported that he would wed Sarah, with Walsh taking steps to expand their separation claim. The children at present live with Sarah and Adrian.

Sarah’s most memorable kid, Jay was born on July 3, 2003, and is presently 19 years of age. In 2014, Adrian shared a photograph of Jay wearing the shirt of Stir up City with the goalkeeper’s gloves.

Adrian had tweeted the photograph to the previous Stir up goalkeeper Asmir Begovic saying that Jay is his no.1 fan.

Her subsequent child, Ryan, was born on July 25, 2005, and is as of now 17. Her most youthful youngster with Mathew, Hollie-Mae, was born on October 31, 2008, and is right now 14.

Adrian has one girl named Myla Niamh Lewis who was born in August 2009.

Myla was just two years of age when Adrian isolated from her mom, Katie-Adele Hughes. The partition came four days after Lewis was delegated PDC Best on the planet in January 2011.

Sarah and Adrian share two kids named Matthew and Amelia.

On December 1, 2012, the dart champion took to his Twitter record to declare the introduction of his child, Matthew, and said thanks to everybody for the beautiful messages.

2012 was additionally the year Sarah and Adrian sealed the deal. After five years, in 2017, the couple reported the introduction of their subsequent kid, Amelia Lewis.

Yet again he took to Twitter for the declaration in 2017. The news came after Adrian made his re-visitation of cutthroat darts after he had disappeared because of medical conditions