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What is Ahmed Ali age? The Father of Shamina Begum Ahmed is in his advanced age. Discover every little thing about him and his present status in the article.

Ahmed is the dad of Shamina Begum. Shamina is the IS lady, and he was planning to look for a Bangladesh resident in 2020. At the point when his little girl joined the Islamic State bunch (IS), he was sorry to the British public for her girl’s choice.


Her little girl is a British-born IS a part. She is in full help of IS bunch activity. That is the reason British residents disdain her. She is currently in the al-Roj jail camp in Syria.

Ahmed Ali is in his advanced age, yet his real age is as yet unclear. His little girl is currently 22 years of age. She was 15 years of age when she left the UK for Syria and two school companions in 2015.

Ahmed can’t be found On Wikipedia. However his little girl Shamina has been highlighted on Wikipedia, she was hitched to Islamic State Fighter as a teenager told AFP. In the event that she returned to Bangladesh, he would scan the citizenship for her.

He followed his girl, Begum, from a distant town in northeastern Bangladesh. He said he would assist her with applying for citizenship assuming she needed to move to the Muslim-greater part country, which populates around 168 million.

He added that he felt frustrated about her and advised the UK government to permit her girl to get back. Shamina Begum was brought up in the parenthood of his dad, Ahmed Ali.

At 15 years old, she went to Syria alongside two companions in 2015. He felt frustrated about the British residents that his little girl had fouled up around then and mentioned them to excuse her.

Her little girl Shamina is known to be a denaturalized British-born lady. She joined the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant in Syria. She was born in England, and her folks were settlers from Bangladesh. She was brought up in a Muslim family in the Bethnal Green space of Tower Hamlets in East London.

High Court of UK has banned her from entering the UK line. She can’t get back to the UK now. There is no precise area on where he is. Starting at 2020, he was looking for Bangladesh Citizenship for her little girl assuming she needed to return. Her little girl asks to excuse her for what she had done.