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Aj Stefano is a Tiktok star with 30.7k adherents. Aj Stefano is a Tiktok character, who has gone to the spotlight in light of Bryce Hall’s cap episode. Aj Stefano’s age isn’t avaiable. Nonetheless, he is by all accounts in the age scope of 20 to 25 years of age.

Stefano is by all accounts a college understudy from San Diego State University. There is no data on Aj Stefano having an Instagram handle. Be that as it may, CBS8 has discovered an Instagram account under his client name, aj_stefano.

It appears to be his record is private and individuals who don’t follow him can’t check his IG. Aj Stefano, additionally prominently known as Tiktok client @aj_stefano, has asserted that he got an extreme instance of lice after he wore Bryce Hall’s taken cap.

Bryce Hall was welcome to a gathering by the SAE clique from SDSU and was assaulted during that time. Corridor is a celebrated social character known for his Tiktok, and Yoube composed on Twitter that he planned to sue SDSU and their SAE organization for the assault.

The observer who saw the assault was additionally associated with the SAE club, and Tiktok client Aj Stefano supposedly snatched the cap having a place with Bryce. Stefano snatched Bryce’s cap while he and his companions cornered their Uber.

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As indicated by Sportskeeda news, Aj Stefano professes to have lice after he wore Bryce Hall cap. He additionally expressed, “Since the time I’ve been wearing nursery elf’s cap, my head’s been really irritated, and I just returned from the specialist and I surmise I have an extreme instance of lice…

in this way, you’re the best Lice Hall.” There are numerous individuals who saw Aj’s Tiktok and begun remarking interesting reactions to the Bryce Hat’s Lice occurrence. TikTok, Facebook and Twitter account.