Alaafin of Oyo’s wives cry as he celebrates his 84th posthumous birthday.

The spouses of the late Alaafin of Oyo, Oba Lamidi Adeyemi, have taken to Instagram to remember his 84th after death birthday.

As per news reports, the Yoruba ruler died in April at Afe Babalola College Showing Medical clinic in Ado Ekiti. Sovereign Moji shared photographs of himself from his past birthday, relating how he advised his spouses to sport white for his 83rd birthday.

The spouses of Alaafin praise his after death birthday.
She contemplated whether for that reason he requested that they dress in white, realizing he wouldn’t be around for his next birthday.

“Did you advise everybody to dress in white for your last birthday since you realized you couldn’t be hanging around for a really long time?” Is it conceivable you realized this could be your last birthday cake with us, my significant other? Consistently, my lord, I miss you. Kabiesi iku baba yeye, cheerful 84th post mortem birthday. Ibironke, Omo. “May you find happiness in the hereafter.”

Sovereign Memunat wrote in her tribute for him,

“My dearest, Earth got an unbelievable gift on the day you were born. What’s more, Paradise got an exceptionally unique Courier with numerous errands on the day you left! You will constantly be recalled in my heart. ADEYEMI ATANDA OMO IBIRONKE I’m utilizing this medium to ask Allah to put you at His right hand and hoist Your station among the directed. Sending you down the way of the people who preceded you, with absolution and downpour on your grave, Aaamen. Allah will keep on expanding your effortlessness and focus light on You in it. So be it.

Sovereign Omobolane expressed,

“Cheerful birthday, my significant other. You may not be here to commend your birthday with me, yet kindly realize that you are dependably in my heart.” I miss you, my life, yet I realize you’d be astonished to see me cry. Congrats on your post mortem birthday. ATANDA”. Sovereign Bolanle then, at that point, sang his oriki (acclaims).

Current Alhaja expressed,

“It’s my wonderful spouse’s most memorable birthday without you.” Each fifteenth of October is your after death birthday. Atanda… . Omoibironke Morondiya’ Omo Adeniran, your passing hits me with a crushing weight, however what will occur… Than to acknowledge God’s deed. Atanda mi, I miss you to such an extent. May All-powerful Allah pardon every one of your transgressions. Continue to rest in wonderful harmony.”