Alien Ant Farm Singer Charged After He’s Accused of Forcing Fan to Touch His Crotch During Performance


The lead vocalist of Outsider Insect Ranch is in legitimate difficulty in the province of Florida after a fan blamed him for compelling him to contact his private parts.

Dryden Mitchell, 46, was accused of crime battery on Dec. 30, Drifter revealed, two months after the episode supposedly happened at an Outsider Subterranean insect Ranch show at Post Lauderdale’s Broward Place for the Performing Expressions. Individuals autonomously confirmed the accuse of the Broward Area Agent of Courts.

As per the magazine, in film recorded at the show, Mitchell is seen getting somebody’s hand during their cover execution of Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Crook.”

He then, at that point, pulls the hand toward his groin and leaves it there before the fan pulls it away.

The fan, a 45-year-elderly person from Miami, documented an occurrence report with the Post Lauderdale Police Division, as per Drifter. In the report, as per the magazine, the informer, “expressed the justification for the defer in making a police report was on the grounds that the episode was not agreeing with him,” adding that he didn’t feel it was legitimate way of behaving.

Mitchell has not been captured. It’s indistinct assuming he has a lawyer who can remark for his benefit. Individuals’ endeavors to contact him by means of his chief were ineffective late Thursday.

The fan told the Everyday Mail he needs to recount to his story, however not presently. “I would like to recount my story yet I truly do need to pay attention to my common attorneys,” the man said. “I’ll gladly talk later. I really do need the story out there since what happened was not right.”

Outsider Insect Ranch is presently contained individuals Mitchell, Mike Cosgrove, Terry Corso and Tim Peugh. Their front of “Smooth Crook” bested the Bulletin Elective outlines in 2001.