Alleged Relationship Between John Lennon and a Teenage Assistant, Set Up by Yoko Ono

Claimed Relationship Between John Lennon and a Teenage Assistant, Set Up by Yoko Ono Another narrative cases that Yoko Ono thought of the thought for John Lennon to have an unsanctioned romance with a *istant who was 10 years his lesser.

The narrative “The Lost Weekend: A Love Story,” which as of late had its Tribeca Film Festival debut, claims… In the 1970s, John took part in an extramarital entanglements with May Pang, his colleague.

May is said to have initially met John and his better half Yoko when she was 19 years of age and starting a vocation at The Beatles’ record mark in New York, Apple Records, as per the film, which is described by May and according to her point of view.

John Lennon may be harmed. It goes this way: May worked for John and Yoko for a couple of years before one morning in 1973, when Yoko evidently recommended May go out with John. John and Yoko preferred May such a lot of that they mentioned her to turn into their own *istant.

As indicated by the report, Yoko told May that she didn’t coexist with her significant other and was stressed that he would begin seeing another person. Yoko proposes that May reach out, with.

At the point when the supposed undertaking purportedly began, May was 22 and John was 32. Yoko didn’t have heartfelt affections for John when he originally moved toward her, yet she asserts he later told her he thought she was *ually appealing.

John supposedly kissed May in a lift to begin their supposed 18-month relationship. furthermore, saw John and May move to Los Angeles, where Lennon continued recording tunes with Paul McCartney.

As per the specialist, things even advanced to where John and May began trading Christmas cards. notwithstanding the way that they supposedly stayed quiet about their guaranteed contact from everybody beyond their nearby gathering of companions.