Alone Season 8 Winner Clay Hayes Went Back Home To Wife Elizabeth Schultz and Family After 74 Days

Dirt Hayes family incorporates his significant other Elizabeth Schultz Hayes and their two children Coye Hayes and Fen Hayes. Elizabeth is self-teaching her two children in their homestead.

Hayes is most popular as the victor of History television’s endurance series Alone season 8.

He contended with ten different members to win the unscripted tv series scrutinizing his abilities to survive on the eastern side of the Coast Mountains in Canada.

Mud returned home with a monetary reward of $500,000 subsequent to winning season 8 of the show however this was not whenever he first attempted to get by in the wild. Other endurance shows like Robinson Crusoe are additionally famous among the general population.

He experienced childhood in the forest of pine trees in Northwest Florida. Growing up, Hayes had improved every one of the abilities expected to get by in the wild, and dissimilar to some other youngster he longed for carrying on with a crude life in the Rough Mountains in his adulthood, as per his memoir ever.

Dirt strayed from his fantasy for a considerable length of time in all out when he studied untamed life science and functioned as one. Be that as it may, finally, he was maneuvered into his crude way of life in 2017. He began showing bow-production abilities to different understudies, the bow ace himself had made his most memorable bow in 1999.

Dirt Hayes family lives on a ranch developing and rummaging food. Mud and Elizabeth are self-teaching their children and raising them close to the earth’s life force.

Earth lives in Idaho for more often than not of the year with Elizabeth and their two youngsters however drops down to Florida when the colder time of year sets and the temperature decreases.

In a YouTube video, Elizabeth uncovered they are the ones in particular who moved out of the Florida farm and the remainder of the Hayes family is still there.

His old timers run a farm in Florida where they raise animals and live in a horse shelter. The family meets up pleasantly as Elizabeth claims she cherishes her mother by marriage definitely and doesn’t disapprove of her like the other ladies could confront.

Dirt Hayes guardians are Rufus Hayes and Sandy Hayes. Albeit the names of Dirt’s kin are all not freely accessible, he has a lot of them, including his sister Jill Hayes.

Jill has now assumed control over the privately-owned company and deals with the everyday activity of Hayes Farm in Florida.

Mud Hayes spouse Elizabeth Hayes loves being close to the life-giving force of earth with her better half. Earth and Liz got hitched on August 23, 2003.

Elizabeth shared a Facebook post wishing her significant other Mud their seventeenth wedding commemoration in 2020. She communicated her thankfulness for meeting such a superb person at only 17 years of age.

The couple is presently hitched for a long time in 2023 and has been together for five additional years. She shared an Instagram post wishing her significant other their sixteenth wedding commemoration and 21 years of being together.

The pair had their wedding in Florida and had their gathering at Hayes Farm. Elizabeth uncovered they cooked entire pork for their wedding party and had a good time.

Elizabeth is additionally a fan with regards to hunting and assembling. It is difficult to say assuming she matches Mud’s abilities in the endurance game, yet she unquestionably matches his energy. Dirt and Liz are seen rehearsing toxophilism, Mud with his carefully assembled natively constructed bow and bolt, and Liz with her expert one.

Her Instagram bio peruses, she is a tracker, finder, forager, and landscaper. Aside from those abilities, she is likewise self-teaching her two children whom she imparts to the Alone season 8 victor. She is found on the image sharing virtual entertainment account with her username @lifelikelizzy and has over 3.2k adherents.

She additionally makes video blogs to impart to her supporters and endorsers on YouTube. Her recordings are for the most part instructive and revolved around a few essential abilities and strategies for handling and safeguarding food sources. Elizabeth once in a while gives a slip look into their own life too.

The 42-year-old has not shared her birthday on her virtual entertainment account. Dirt doesn’t wish his significant other on his birthday freely however they could host a confidential gathering.

Mud Hayes kids Coye and Fen are being self-taught. Coye and Fen are likewise mastering crude abilities to survive alongside their scholastics.

Hayes is bringing up his two children alongside Elizabeth at their residence in Northern Idaho. He is giving over important endurance examples to his children since early on and the two young men have previously picked some speed.

Mud shared an Instagram post recently on January 13 appearance his more youthful one Fen shooting a wild hoard with a bow and sacking the game for supper. The kid is just 11 and as of now has major areas of strength for a game following his dad’s strides. Coye is the senior child of Alone champ Earth Hayes.

Coye is 13 years of age and praises his birthday on June 28 consistently. His mom Elizabeth shared a video to wish her firstborn his thirteenth birthday celebration last year. She shared her gratefulness for Coye growing up to be a magnificent and solid young fellow.

He is the most youthful of Dirt and Elizabeth’s two children and he is 2 years more youthful than his senior kin. Fen is seen helping Elizabeth around their property in the kitchen and goes hunting with the family also.

Fen got his Trackers Instruction on Walk 24, 2022, and his mom Elizabeth couldn’t hold herself from sharing a picture on her Instagram to mark the event. She added, Fen can now go chasing after big games including bears at the period of only 12 years of age.

He is additionally a fantastic pastry specialist. Fen is the one at their home to prepare cakes for other relatives to commend their birthday events. He made a cheesecake for his dad’s birthday in January 2022, and the image of the cake was shared by Liz on her Instagram account.

Dirt Hayes father Rufus Hayes is a pony coach and corridor of popularity inductee. Rufu laid out Hayes Farm in 1969 with his accomplice Sandy Hayes.

Rufus was likewise brought on a farm up in his young life and doesn’t see himself resigning at any point in the near future from his privately-run company. He has been preparing ponies for the beyond fifty years now.

Mud Hayes father horse mentor got drafted into the NCHA Corridor of Acclaim. He was brought up in another farm further up the street than their ongoing foundation and he developed their ongoing spot from the beginning.

Hayes’ mom Sandy is additionally seen working on the homestead on regular schedule. Nonetheless, much about her own life has not risen to the top yet however Liz uncovered she has no bad sentiments for her mother by marriage and the team gets along well overall.

Earth additionally has other relatives who live on the farm together. As indicated by Hayes Farm’s true site, Becky and Jill Hayes at present hold the rudder for the day to day activity of the farm. Becky and Jill are Mud’s sister and niece.

Data about the expert bowyer’s kin has not risen to the top yet. He doesn’t share a lot of about different individuals from his family on the web.