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On July 9, 1991, Melissa Harrington, a boatswain’s mate below average, was kidnapped outside her home and carved out dead after some opportunity in the killer’s home. The supposed criminal Andrew Chabrol, a previous Navy lieutenant, gotten a capital punishment. He was executed by electric shock.

Andrew Chabrol is a previous Navy lieutenant who was executed by electric shock. He captured and tormented Melissa Harrington prior to killing her in his home in 1991.

The Washington Post detailed that he needed to foster a close connection with her while as yet working in the Navy. Be that as it may, she dismissed his advances and on second thought grumbled about it to his boss.

Accordingly, it impacted his vocation and marriage. Subsequently, he left the Navy in 1991 January and started anticipating vengeance. He additionally kept a PC diary wherein Harrington was alluded to as”Nemesis.”

He then, at that point, took the assistance of another man named Stanley J. Berkeley, who assisted him with snatching her when her better half was away.

She was taken to his home, lashed to his bed, and tormented. At the point when she attempted to battle, her head was firmly enveloped with conduit tape, and she was choked to death with a rope.

Accordingly, police captured him on the homicide accusations, and he was condemned to death. The homicide instance of Melissa Harrington from the Navy has taken new turns now. A previous lieutenant was covered in Arlington National Cemetery, in spite of the fact that he was indicted for seizing, wrongdoing, and murder.

What’s more, he gets a banner on his grave each Memorial Day, which is a constant shamefulness to BM2 Harrington. Some netizens contend that he doesn’t merit such distinctions as he is a lawbreaker.

In this manner, a request was made to eliminate him from the burial ground, which will show that the military guarantees ladies’ wellbeing. Till now, there are 10,470 petitions marked.

Dateline has not covered the Mellisa Harrington naval force case. Nonetheless, the story merits a depiction on TV. Some netizens have likewise mentioned the NBC Dateline to cover the story.