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Andrew Dymock was being investigated for advancing fear monger movement and savagery. He set up a System Resistance Network (SRN) and Sonnenkrieg Division. The fanatic association has been restricted on grounds of spreading dread and disdain offenses.

Further, Andrew has been seen as liable of 12 psychological oppression charges and was sentenced at the Old Bailey. Further procedures will be hung on June 24, 2021.

The appointed authority explained he was not being indicted for holding bigot, homophobic or hostile to semitic convictions, yet for empowering psychological oppressor movement and viciousness.

Andrew Dymock’s folks are Stella and Dr. David Dymock. Both of his folks are scholastics. His dad, Dr. David is a teacher of dentistry at Bristol University and lives in Bath.

Notwithstanding, very little is thought about his mom right now. Any insights concerning Andrew Dymock’s better half or heartfelt life have not surfaced on the web.

It is questionable on the off chance that he is single or in a relationship right now. Andrew Dymock’s age is 24 years of age. However, other data like his birthdate stays off the web.

As per Reddit, Andrew Dymock expressed Adolf Hitler was the best women’s activist. Further, Dymock is blamed for setting up a fear based oppressor bunch on Twitter. Supposedly, he expressed that Jewish individuals ought to be annihilated.

He occupied with psychological oppressor gathering pledges utilizing the SRN site. The site lectured zero-resilience to non-whites, Jewish, and Muslim people group. Additionally, he viewed homosexuality as an illness.

Dymock denied utilizing the Twitter accounts and said he was being set up by his previous accomplice. He was ousted from SRN in Feb. 2018 just before he was captured at Gatwick Airport.

In any case, Dymock’s PC history showed longstanding fanatic perspectives since he was just 17 years of age. Also, Dymock was examining governmental issues at the Aberystwyth University.