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Andy Wisner, who served for a long time at New Life Preaching, has been blamed for mishandling Robyn Schrock.

Robyn was the studio chief and the inspirational philosophy speaker for the First Bible Church, where she likewise investigated her auxiliary proclivity for shin medical services of kids and general supporters.

Andy has not yet resolved the sensitive issue and decided to email short until additional beginning of the case.

Starting starter examination is being done that will wind up with the validation of additional evidence.

God’s man and his capture have caused destruction among the supporters, particularly to them who followed his proclaiming for almost one-half of their dear life.

Minister Andy Wisner is a rumored originator of New Life Baptist Church and world class minister at Alabama-based First Bible Church.

His faith in Christianity completely arose out of his cover shell after he changed over to Christ in 1974.

The change was managed by one of his associates and strict promoters.

Andy Wisner, in light of Decatur is a leader boss for Spiritual Direction and Youth Ministry.

He is hitched to his better half Vicki Wisner and the pair is honored with their two girls viz Lauren and Roxanne Wisner.

Andy has been subsidiary with the proclaiming and peaceful service beginning around 1991 where he accumulated north of thirty years of philosophy practice encounters.

He was outfitted with his most recent sign of Biblical Counseling from the First Bible Church for his long term direction and specialization on God’s promise.

He likewise established New Life Baptist Church that offers surviving types of assistance from 207 approved evangelists and upkeep staff.

28 Fisher Rd situated lecturing organization depends on the coordination of its self devotee to spread the caring expression of Christ to the watchers, audience members, and participants through different occasions and advanced repair.

Andy Wisner has been researched and held under cruel analysis after the reports of him manhandling speaker Robyn Schrock surfaced on the web.

Robyn Schrock was an assigned speaker at Homeschool Conference and she likewise filled in as the Workshop chief for a program that depended on aiding youthful Christ-devotees to deal with their skin’s wellbeing.

Robyn, who additionally has an inclination for excellence items and taking care of oneself was lecturing the youthful supporters of the Baptist Church about the skincare normal, the benefits related with great and sustained skin, and generally speaking wellbeing.

Andy has been blamed for mishandling her at one of the projects where he has shared some unseemly words against her assent.

Robyn Schrock was a moderator and studio chief on the subject of adolescent skincare and humble cosmetics at the lofty eighteenth Christian Academy Annual Covenant.

She has been related with Mary Kay, Inc. what’s more, has been working with the overall wellbeing and taking care of oneself and embellishing schedule.