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The connection between rapper AKA and Tembe was thriving. The couple even traded rings in February 2021. Be that as it may, shockingly, she died on April 11, tumbling from the tenth floor of Pepper Club Hotel around there.

Anele Tembe’s family, particularly her folks, isn’t prepared to accept that their little girl was self-destructive. Her dad, Moses Tembe, is sure that her little girl didn’t end her own life.

All things being equal, it very well might be because of the abuse of liquor and medications. He additionally referenced that individual SA individuals have a propensity for substance misuse.

Moses is a presumed financial specialist who was very concerned with respect to Anele. Other than that, she had a caring mother, Lulu Tembe, who died long because of some sickness.

Anele additionally has a kin, Vukile, who is generally clear about the case.He  doesn’t care to engage tales that individuals are tossing on online stages. Anele Tembe and Kiernan Forbes urf rapper AKA got occupied with February of this current year.

They went to invest quality energy in Peeper Club Hotel. Forbes had his show, so he went to Mother City to play out the show. Meanwhile, his life partner tumbled from the tenth floor of the structure exposed.

Anele’s one companion blamed AKA for misuse and sex based savagery.

According to News 24, she referenced that Forbes crushed Tembe’s face. Additionally, he broke the entryway in which Tembe bolted herself. Anele recorded the entire occurrence and gave a duplicate to her companion when she acted the hero her.

The video proof has been given to the police by Anele’s companion. Regardless of the relative multitude of cases, AKA referenced, ‘I have not been named as a suspect.’ Likewise, he delivered an explanation explaining that he had a delightful relationship with Tembe.

Anele Tembe tumbled from the 10th floor of Peeper Club Hotel and died on the spot on April 11, 2021. The genuine reason for death is obscure, yet she was affected by liquor and medications at her passing. She left the world at the youthful age of 22.