Angie Chong Missing – Where Was She Last Seen?


In the event that you are pondering Angie Chong missing case, you have come to the ideal locations, as this article will illuminate watchers about Chong’s age, bio, and family.

Despite age, the disappearing of a kid is a critical fear that torment each parent.

Lamentably, this unnerving situation has turned into a reality for a Malaysian mother who is frantically looking for her little girl. The youthful cosmetologist vanished following her performance outing to Chiang Mai.

The mother of Ms. Angie Chong Aggregate Yee took to Facebook on Friday, posting a supplication for any insights about her girl’s area.

Mdm. Zhu Caiyun communicated her trouble as her little girl had been unaccounted for an entire day. Mdm. Chu shared her contact number in the Facebook post, asking anybody with data that could support finding her little girl to connect with her.

Angie Chong missing case has been standing out as truly newsworthy on a few web-based news gateways as she has been absent for several days.

As per a few sources, the cosmetologist, Angie Chong, was most recently seen in northern Thailand in Chiang Mai.

In a meeting with the China Press, the restless mother uncovered that her girl’s WhatsApp “last seen” status showed 10 p.m. on Thursday night (1 June).

From that point forward, there has been no reaction from her, and none of the messages shipped off her have been perused.

Mdm. Zhu underscored that her little girl never turns off her telephone and consistently keeps it nearby.

That’s what she noticed assuming her girl had perused the messages, the twofold ticks would have showed up close to him. As per the sources, Angie Chong was born in 2001, starting around 2023, 22 years of age.

As per Mdm. Zhu, Ms. Chong is utilized by an immediate deals organization in Kuala Lumpur.

On Monday (May 29)), Angie, the capable cosmetologist, set out on a performance excursion to Chiang Mai for the purpose of buying.

Regardless of Mdm. Zhu’s worried about the wellbeing of Thailand, as she has gone over reports showing possible dangers, her girl guaranteed her that somebody from the organization would be there to accept her.

Following the broad sharing of Zhu’s request, a netizen, as detailed by China Press, raised doubt that Ms. Cong might actually be in Myanmar.

This doubt emerged on the grounds that the netizen had a “match” on a dating stage with somebody who gave off an impression of being Ms. Cong or somebody utilizing her photograph. The area of the other individual was shown as Myanmar. There is restricted data about the Angie Chong family, as the Chong family is keeping their hidden data from the media. Various netizens have put forth attempts to support the goal of Ms. Chong’s vanishing.

One individual sent Mdm. Zhu snapped a picture of a lodging in Chiang Mai where it was supposed that the missing Malaysian lady had remained.

Adm. Zhu has connected with companions and family members in Thailand to accumulate additional data in regards to this lead. Tragically, a few people have been spreading misleading data about the case.

Angie’s mom explained on Facebook that a coursing realistic guaranteeing the case is shut completely false, it is as yet missing to underscore that her girl.

Zhu has previously recorded reports with the police in both Malaysia and Thailand and expectations that empathetic people will aid the examination by giving any extra data they might have.

The ardent craving is that Ms. Chong, any place she might be, is protected and can get in touch with her family soon.