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She was living with her organic mother and stepfather Ron when she died.

Angie Housman’s organic guardians were at that point isolated when she died. She was living with her mom Diane Bone and her progression father Ron. Her progression father dealt with her since she was 10 months old. He considered her his own girl.

Her genuine dad, be that as it may, consistently wished to include in her life since she was born yet his parents in law needed him to remain away. Despite the fact that, he used to send her gifts and cash to help her.

He saw his little girl multiple times just and wanted that he could reconnect with his girl when she would convey his name when she grew up. However, destiny played a horrendous game with him and grabbed away his girl when she was only 9 years of age.

After the killer was gotten, Angelo’s sister shared that her brother had a learning handicap and it would make him extremely upset in the event that he realizes what really befell her.

The dad endured awfulness a few times. In the first place, when he was confined from including in his girl’s life, next when she died, and the other one when the killer was gotten.

Angie Housman’s data isn’t accessible on Wikipedia. Notwithstanding, there are a few sources that give subtleties on her homicide case.

On 18 November 1993, the young lady got off her school transport that was eight houses from her home. It was five minutes of walk however she figured out how to stroll to the four houses just and vanished before she could contact her home.

Typically, her folks used to get her where the transport left her however on that day the two of them were occupied. Following 30 minutes cruised by, her folks were stressed for her.

Even in the wake of looking for her for quite a long time, they couldn’t discover her. Be that as it may, on November 27 her body was found by two trackers in Busch Wildlife Conservative Area.

Her body was tied on a tree stripped and her face was covered with pipe tape aside from her nose. A post-mortem examination report recommended that she died few hours before the trackers discovered her body.

The case stayed inexplicable for more than twenty years lastly, the killer was captured and rebuffed in 2019.

Angie Housman’s executioner was Earl Cox. She was not his first casualty, he was charged oftentimes previously for physically attacking young ladies. The 63 years of age was condemned to 10 years in jail in the wake of getting found out in the FBI’s sting activity.

Before his delivery, his DNA was coordinated with the DNA of an individual found in Angie’s clothing and he was indicted for the homicide.

As indicated by news sources, he conceded and admitted his wrongdoing to get away from capital punishment. He is condemned to life in jail.