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“Anikulapo Is SHIT,” Says Bisi Alimi About Kunle Afolayan’s New Film.

Bisi Alimi, a homosexual rights activist in Nigeria, has spoken out approximately ‘Anikulapo,’ the cutting-edge film produced and directed by using Kunle Afolayan. Alimi, 47, gave the movie, which is presently ranked many of the pinnacle ten at the streaming platform Netflix, a 2/10.

According to the general public speaker, Nigerian filmmakers pick the bare minimum because they could come to be gods with a variety of shine with out installing much attempt. Alimi, specifically bringing up Anikulapo, said that his grievance is applicable due to the fact the film had potential however squandered it within three mins.

“What I’ve discovered from Anikulapo and different films like it’s miles that Nigerians decide upon the naked minimum; you don’t even need to put in the effort, simply the naked minimum with a whole lot of shinning, and you’re god!”

“I’m now not criticizing the movie because I want to be the bizarre one out; tbh, that’s an excessive amount of paintings with Nigerians.” I’m criticizing it as it had capacity however squandered it 3 mins into the movie.

“First and major, that film has no commercial enterprise strolling for two hours! Nigerian filmmakers must abandon the exercise of lengthening movies to 2 hours and then filling them with idumota garbage.

“Many have claimed that the set layout was particular; I’m sorry, but I didn’t see it.” The camera might be what people mistake for the set. The movie used true cameras, which resulted in a very easy photograph; believe me, Tunde Kelani has been doing that for a while, it’s nothing new.

“I turned into indignant through the set depiction of the Oyo empire. What form of Oyo became that? Oyo, Ibeju lekki? And what approximately that chook? What was it? We haven’t visible birds like this since the days of Eye Jumijoke.

“And now for the communique!” Jeez! Nothing profound, not anything intensive, simply the basics. I agree with he become trying to keep away from an excessive amount of talking within the movie, however due to the fact there has been much less nonverbal acting, the communicate regularly made no feel.

“And now we are able to ask the tale query.” What become the plot of the story? Why didn’t he get the capacity from the bird himself if it became approximately a man who can wake the useless due to his encounter with dying and the energy he received?

“Shola Shobowale carried out admirably; I’m satisfied she wasn’t typecast, however is she required in that movie?” No, it does now not. The Oyo palace story become alleged to spread to explain why the Olori did what she did.

“What about the ending?” Does this imply that there may be a sequel? How often did he die in the movie? I counted three. Does it make feel? The dying, I suggest, due to the fact the best dying inside the film that has any significance is the second with the Olori.

“I’m now not right here to wreck your pleasure; I simply need properly films to pop out of Nigeria.” I do. As a graduate of theatre, it pains me once I see the bare minimal from folks who can do higher, and this isn’t always approximately price range; I even have watched movies shot on cell phones and meagre finances telling a compelling story and superb appearing.

“Today is Monday, and I am no longer here to wawulence you humans earlier than you come back and attack me; I am simply sharing my opinion; you do now not need to agree with it.” Peace!”

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