Another Hawala racket busted in Hyderabad, Rs 63 lakh seized


Hyderabad, Oct 23 (IANS) Hyderabad Police have busted another Hawala racket and held onto Rs 63.50 lakh cash.

Police on Sunday said five people were captured for running Hawala racket from the electrical godown of ‘Ranuja Marketing’ at Troop Bazar.

Following up on dependable data, the Chief’s Team, Focal Zone, captured five people, held onto the money, a bike, five cell phones and a money counting machine.

Kanti Lal (39), proprietor of the godown, Kishore Singh (42), Energy Singh (47), Mohammed Abdul Fareed (38) and Sandeep Singh (31) were captured.

The assault was directed when Hawala cash was being gathered and disseminated. The blamed were tracked down under lock and key for unaccounted cash.

This is the most recent in a progression of Hawala rackets busted in the city during the most recent couple of days. Police have held onto about Rs 10 crore cash in discrete tasks.

The money was seized during uplifted vigil by the police considering by-political decision to the Munugode Gathering seat in adjoining Nalgonda region on November 3.

On October 20, police had held onto over Rs 1.10 crore cash from four people. The money was seized from a vehicle during vehicle checking in the Shainayathgunj police headquarters limits. Police captured Kamlesh Kumar, Ashok Kumar, Rahul Agarwal and Ratan Singh.

As per police, the primary blamed Kamlesh Kumar began maintaining a hawala business with others as he was not getting an adequate number of benefits in the plastic pack business.

On October 10, unaccounted cash worth Rs 3.5 crore that was apparently being moved to Munugode was seized. Six people going in two vehicles with the money were secured by the Magistrate’s Team group.

On October 7, police held onto Rs 79.25 lakh and captured four individuals, including two Uttar Pradesh locals, under dubious conditions during a vehicle checking drive in the constraints of Chandrayangutta police headquarters.

Prior on September 29, a Meerut-based piece seller was trapped in Hyderabad with Rs 1.24 crore cash.

He had let the police know that he gathered the money on the guidelines of his uncle and was to convey it to four people living in the city.