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Anthonia Egegbara is a 29-year-elderly person from America who has been accused of endeavored murder. Police captured her after observation film explained her wrongdoing of pushing an observer before a moving train at the Times Square tram on October 5. The casualty supported numerous critical wounds after the occurrence and must be hurried to the clinic.

The 42-year-elderly person casualty’s name is Lenny Javier, and the reason for the assault is theorized to be a ridiculous assault. The setback is going through treatment in her face and legs hit by the side of the train in Newyork city.

Anthonia has consistently been a scandalous individual on account of her infamous demonstrations of taking and hurting others. Anthonia Egegbara metro pusher is from America who has been captured no less than multiple times due to burglaries and attacks.

The American police as of late captured her for endeavored murder. The CCTV camera recorded her pushing a 42-year-elderly person before a moving train. Luckily, the casualty made due to assault however supported bunches of lethal wounds in the face and leg. The specialists say the unjustifiable assault is silly and silly.

Anthonia Egegbara is 29 years old. She has not shared her accurate birthdate with the media, however it has been realized that she has a place with American ethnicity. Police have associated Anthonia with being a psychological patient, as this isn’t whenever she first attacked someone with no real excuse or intention.

Anthonia Egegbara pushed a 42-year-elderly person whose name ends up being Lenny Javier. Lenny never anticipated that such attacks should happen to her, and she has mentioned the power to make a move as this ought to never be rehashed.

Discussing her ailment, Lenny will go through a medical procedure in her arms, and she is anticipated to make a full recuperation.  The justification for why Anthonia pushed Lenny before a moving train has not come out till now.

Specialists accept that the assaulter might not have any explanation as this isn’t whenever she first has assaulted someone with no theme. Continuing on, the police have likewise expected Anthonia to be insane, and the case is as yet being researched right now.