Antonio Banderas’ Ex-Wife, Ana Leza: Is He In A Relationship With New Girlfriend?

Antonio Banderas ex Ana Leza has strolled into distinction with her renowned spouse. Nonetheless, the couple split in 1996 in the wake of being hitched for quite a long time.

Antonio Banderas wedded Melanie Griffith from the cast in the 1995 romantic comedy Two Much soon after he separated from Ana Leza in 1996.

Melanie Griffith is the mother of Dakota Johnson. Nonetheless, Melanie likewise finished her union with Antonio Banderas following 19 years in 2015.

Who Is Antonio Banderas’ Ex-Wife Ana Leza? The Spanish entertainer Antonio Banderas ex Ana Leza was seen strolling on honorary pathway with the entertainer when they were hitched. Nonetheless, the couple split their marriage in 1996 following nine years.

Ana Leza is a Spanish entertainer who has been in a couple of movies and TV programs. Leza rose to unmistakable quality following her union with Antonio Banderas, quite possibly of Spain’s most capable entertainer.

As per a few sources, Leza is as of now in a blissful marriage with her subsequent spouse. Banderas wedded Ana Leza in 1987 and separated in 1996.

Later in 1995, while shooting Two Much, he met and started a relationship with American entertainer Melanie Griffith.

They wedded in London on May 14, 1996. They have a little girl, Stella del Carmen Banderas, who co-featured in Banderas’ first time at the helm, Crazy in Alabama (1999).

Griffith has Banderas’ name inked on her right arm.

Is Antonio Banderas In A Relationship With New Girlfriend 2022? Antonio Banderas is frequently seen with his new sweetheart Nichole Kimpel, who is 21 years more youthful than the entertainer.

Antonio is 61 years of age, and his Dutch monetary specialist Nichole is 40.

They seemed charmed as they clasped hands and visited energetically while out for a stroll in the photographs distributed in

Nicole said in January that Antonio’s ‘best’ 60th birthday celebration present was his recuperation from Covid while he contracted COVID in 2021.

The entertainer fostered the respiratory condition in August, only weeks before his birthday, and keeping in mind that Nicole ensured they celebrated, it didn’t feel right to do anything lavish.

‘We cheered in light of the fact that each time of life is something to celebrate,’ she shared with Hello Magazine. Yet, this wasn’t the year to set up a party. His quick recuperation was the best gift,’ she added.

Besides, the entertainer’s separation from Melanie Griffith was smooth and friendly, which occurred in 2015.

Banderas and Griffith expressed in June 2014, pronouncing their choice to separate “affectionately and genially.”

The separation was settled in December 2015. Regardless of their separation, Banderas and Griffith have stayed dear companions.

Dakota Johnson, his previous stepdaughter, has demonstrated that she thinks about Banderas an individual from the family, alluding to him as a “reward father.”