Apostle Suleman Johnson s3x Saga: ‘I Support Halima Abubakar,’ Says Queeneth Agbor

The messy drama among Nollywood actress Halima Abubakar and her acclaimed ex-lover, Apostle Suleman Johnson, is now not news. However, in advance this week, any other actress, Queeneth Agbor, posted on social media approximately a ill colleague, Halima Abubakar.

In the message, she said that in place of passing judgment on Abubakar, human beings have to empathize with her.


Agbor said she made a social media submit due to the fact she had seen Halima Abubakar go through ache, which she shed greater light on why she determined to face firm at the back of her colleague, notwithstanding how sensitive her accusations are.

“I shared the post because I’ve visible her (Abubakar) undergo ache,” she defined. Those who’re ‘dragging’ (criticizing) her via the ache won’t live on. I shared the submit due to the fact pals are purported to be there for each different in times of ache, grievance, and tears. True pals are located no longer best in the course of instances of pleasure, laughter, and blissful celebrations, however additionally at instances like this.”

“Halima is one selfless, sturdy, and candy female I understand,” she stated of Halima Abubakar’s persona. She is generous. I’ve but to meet a person who hides her pain as a way to cheer up a unhappy friend. Halima is the personification of minding one’s own business. But don’t cross too far.

In reaction to those who criticized the actress on social media, Agbor stated, “Sinners decide sinners for sinning in a different way.” Her most effective crime, I think, is having the braveness to set herself free by using telling the fact. However, gullible humans might alternatively ‘drag’ her than ask the pertinent questions.”

Halima Abubakar has allegedly been sick for numerous months, and her social media pages are controlled via her sister, who has endured to accuse the cleric of ‘harming’ the actress.