Are AJ Ogden And Shut The Kale Up Divorced? Cheating On Jeannette Aranda & New Girlfriend

Jeannette Ogden is a fitness and health fanatic who is satisfactory called the writer of the weblog Shut The Kale Up.

The weblog first started as a way for her to share how she overcame her eating disorder. It has for the reason that changed into some thing plenty bigger, as she shares fitness and cooking recommendations to help her fanatics lead a satisfied and healthy existence.

She is also a certified yoga sculpt trainer who has over 348K fans on her Instagram page. However, in current years, Jeannette Ogden, who now goes via Jeannette Aranda, is understood more for her separation from her once husband, AJ Ogden than her running a blog and profession.

The two had one of the maximum explosive separations in internet history, and people nonetheless communicate about it on positive elements of the internet.


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Are AJ Ogden And Shut The Kale Up Divorced? On May 25th, the internet site Reddit exploded because Aj Ogden had filed for divorce from his spouse, Shut The Kale Up, aka Jeanette Odgen.

The specifics of the divorce have now not been given to the general public, however Jeannette has eliminated any proof of AJ from her Instagram web page. She has additionally been blocking off all people who cited him on her web page; in truth, even hinting at her divorce or AJ will result in a swift block.

It’s doubtful if she is making an attempt to keep away from negativity or ignoring the peril. Still, every person on the Internet who is aware of Jeanette, Shut The Kale Up, and AJ Ogden is aware of and is talking about the divorce.

One of the motives why all and sundry is so enthusiastic about their divorce is due to the fact, earlier than the information, the Ogdens postured as this healthful own family with a bit of a holier-than-thou attitude.

Some pockets of the net are even satisfied that their marital bliss seems to were all smoke and mirrors.

There is a whole thread on Reddit that talks about their divorce. Many human beings at the thread have stated that the divorce comes as no wonder because Jeannette and AJ were having issues from the start of their courting.

Many feedback even stated that Jeanette is very one of a kind in man or woman than she is on her social media platform, which is a damning factor as her entire logo revolves around her so-referred to as honesty. The thread, which started six months before the writing of this article, is still being up to date, and people are still commenting on it.

It has acquired over 229 upvotes and close to 1.5K comments.

Did AJ Ogden Cheat On Shut The Kale Up? Yes, AJ Ogden cheated on Jeannette Ogden, now Aranda, from Shut The Kale Up.


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In reality, consistent with the thread noted above, Ogden has a records of infidelity and could also have been raised with it. The identical assets say that AJ in no way wanted so far Jeannette within the first vicinity and that she manipulated him into starting a dating.

They had a rapid courtship and waited until marriage to consummate their courting, and a few have even stated that one of the motives they married turned into to consummate their courting.

The motive at the back of this fastidiousness over this sort of easy rely has to do with the truth that both of them are devout Christians. They met at church, and plenty of people corroborated the tale of Jeanette forcing AJ into a courting.

It’s crucial to remember that AJ isn’t necessarily a victim in this case, as the person had every risk to say no to him. When he inadvertently observed himself in a dating and then subsequently married, he selected to be untrue and borderline abusive.

As AJ worked in a band, he could be out of metropolis plenty, and he could cheat on her frequently in the course of his outings. However, some thing’s gotta supply, and it did, and now they have got parted ways.

Who Is AJ Ogden? AJ Ogden gained fame because the husband of influencer Jeannette Ogden of Shut The Kale Up.

According to his LinkedIn page, he is a emblem director at Jack Henry and is from Costa Mesa, California, in the United States.

Back once they have been collectively, he chose to live out of the spotlight due to the fact his spouse’s paintings worried the usage of social media extra often than he does, and there is not much statistics approximately him.

She disagreed together with his plan to sign up for a journeying Christian band, and he did not admire the idea that she had any have an impact on over him.


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This is one of the motives why their marriage become so rocky. Another cause why their marriage changed into so rocky became that they vehemently disagreed on a way to increase children.

AJ hated that Jeannette could show their youngsters on social media, and he also didn’t recognize or aid her social media career. Her fans and following were not shocked by means of their divorce because their growing discord were seen over the preceding years.

They had been also unsurprised by way of it due to the fact Aj and Jeannette have had a tough dating and a contentious marriage from the beginning. Jeannette did not address the rumors these days or, if she did, determined to quit them before Aj officially filed for divorce.

She only made one assertion in 2020: that she and her spouse have been going to therapy.

She casually spoke back questions from fanatics in June of remaining yr under a piece of writing on Elliot’s graduation regarding where Aj was. After that, she either deleted the inquiries and comments about her romantic lifestyles or selected to disregard them.

AJ Ogden And Shut The Kale Up Age Difference Jeannette Ogden from Shut The Kale Up was born on August 25, 1988, and is 24 years vintage.


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Although AJ Ogden’s age is unknown, it’s miles extensively typical that he’s 2-3 years older than Jeannette.

The age gap become in no way something they struggled with of their dating. The hassle they had was that AJ in no way desired to be with Jeannette, however she kept pushing, and for whatever purpose, he never said no.

One can surmise that he turned into probable lusting after her in the starting, however after marriage felt like he had to live. It could be due to their faith, it could be because of a few semblance of love, or perhaps it is able to be due to the reality that AJ Ogden did not have it in him to say no, or possibly he did not care enough.

Now the dust in their divorce has settled, however they no longer best wasted almost a decade of each different’s lives but also hampered the nicely-being in their kids, who will develop up knowing their mother and father in no way cherished every other.

Is AJ Ogden Dating Anyone Else? No, AJ Ogden does now not seem to be relationship absolutely everyone or Jeannette Aranda.

On AJ’s Instagram page, he seems to be content material sharing snap shots of nature and places he is going to. He appears to be a large snowboarding fan and posts many pix of him doing the hobby.


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On the alternative hand, Aranda makes use of her Instagram pretty regularly and has been posting pics of herself as though nothing has happened. However, people on the Reddit thread mentioned above who live near her and have seen her every day have said that she has commenced looking very skinny.

It’s gotten to the point that human beings on her remarks have observed it too, however another time, she is deleting and blocking off absolutely everyone who is bringing up something along that line.

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