Are Amber Rose’s Kids from different fathers?

Golden Rose’s children were moving on the web after her ex, Alexander Edwards, was spotted with Cher while the two returned to Cher’s Malibu home after their supper at WeHo on second November 2022. Golden Rose, the previous artist, earned distinction after her relationship with Kanye West.

She has featured in a few rap music recordings all through her vocation, particularly with rappers Fabolous, Future, Nicki Minaj, Ludacris, Youthful Jeezy, and Wiz Khalifa. After her ex’s PDA picture with Cher coursed all around the web, fans were interested to be aware of Golden Rose’s youngsters.

o grabbed fans’ eye after her relationship with Kanye West. Aside from being a rapper, she is a model and a mother of two kids with two distinct dads.

Golden was located with Kanye West in 2008 when the couple began dating. Nonetheless, they headed out in different directions and had no kids with Kanye. Golden’s most memorable child’s name is Sebastian Taylor Thomaz, with rapper Wiz Khalifa who was born in 2013. This makes him at present nine years of age. Her subsequent child’s name is Slice Electric Alexander Edwards, whom she imparted to her ex, Alexander Edwards.

Golden met Alexander through shared companions, however they didn’t have an interest toward the start. Notwithstanding, as time elapsed, they became familiar with one another, which was apparent when the two were highlighted in the fourth yearly SlutWalk, in 2018.

Afterward, they broadcasted that they were formally seeing someone. Both invited their child, however their relationship didn’t go on for long as they got isolated after Edwards was discovered undermining his sweetheart. After their partition, he conceded that he was undermining his sweetheart.

After their public declaration that they were seeing someone, shared a post in 2019. In the post, she let everybody know that she is pregnant, and in the clasps, Edwards is seen messing around with Sebastian as they hang tight for the child’s appearance.

In January 2019, Golden talked about her relationship with Edwards and expressed, “came into my life at a time where I’ve had enough of the egotistical, cheating, and misuse I’ve persevered over the course of the years from my past connections.”

She added that she was managing the most discouraging days of her life. She said she drove him away at first, yet he figured out how to cherish her to defeat her anxiety toward adoring somebody and carry on with a sound life.

She deduced in the post, “So @ae4president Thank you for all of ur love and backing child. I love you to such an extent.”

Golden Rose blamed her ex, Alexander, that he went behind her back with 12 distinct ladies. She asserted it on her Instagram, where she hammered her child daddy. In the post, she composes that she is depleted from being cheated and humiliated by these circumstances. She expressed, “Each of the 12 of you all bums (the ones that I am aware of there’s most likely more) can have him.”

Afterward, she hammers every one of the 12 ladies with whom he had relations, however she never unveiled the names of those ladies.