Are John Podesta And Chester Bennington Related? Rumors In Silent Children Documentary Explained

There have been online reports circumventing that guarantee Chester Bennington and John Podesta are connected. Is it genuine?

Enthusiasts of the band were crushed to learn in July 2017 of the supposed self destruction of Linkin Park’s lead singer, Chester Bennington.

Despite the fact that it has been a very long time since the vocalist died, his admirers haven’t tried to let their recollections of him blur.

Moreover, there have been claims about his being connected with John Podesta, an American political specialist who worked for President Bill Clinton from 1998 to 2001 as his head of staff in the White House and for President Barack Obama from 2014 to 2015.

Preceding that, he functioned as the White House Staff Secretary during the Clinton Administration from 1993 to 1995.

Are John Podesta And Chester Bennington Related? John Podesta and Chester Bennington are not related, nothing demonstrating their relationship is introduced at this point.

Since no proof, realities or associations are displayed to help those cases. All things being equal, individuals base hypotheses on their comparative appearance, and stories began to spread.

Furthermore, Linkin Park performer Mike Shinoda portrayed his band’s foundation, Music For Relief, in a post he composed for the Huffington Post in 2014.

The not-for-profit sent off a reasonable reusing system to help Haiti after the nation was crushed by a seismic tremor in 2010, yet before long hit rock bottom financially. To assist the establishment with achieving its work, the Clinton Foundation offered them an award.

Exactly the same Clintons, who are old buddies with John Podesta, offered an award to the band that Podesta’s assumed youngster played in.

Bennington likewise revealed that he had encountered a youth rape in a meeting with Kerrang! distributed in 2008. “It was a couple of composed by a buddy years my senior,” he guaranteed.

The way that Podesta and Bennington are so firmly related — both concerning appearance and monetary help — as well as their contribution in two particular pedophilia cases, is a curious happenstance.

“Quiet Children” Documentary And Chester Bennington’s Connection Avicii, Chris Cornell, Chester Bennington of Linkin Park, and well known culinary specialist Anthony Bourdain, as indicated by a tweet flowed via web-based entertainment, teamed up on the kid sexual double-dealing narrative “The Silent Children.”

Also, it referenced that they were most likely killed instead of endeavoring self destruction, as was usually accepted. These claims, in any case, are false.

These four guys didn’t add to the creation of the narrative, a representative for “The Silent Children” informed Reuters. They ended it all, as proven by distributed post-mortem examination, investigator records, and family letters.

To uncover the real factors of youngster sex dealing and double-dealing, “The Silent Children” was a veritable narrative film creation.

Is John Podesta The Real Father Of Chester? Bennington’s natural dad, as indicated by bits of hearsay, is really Podesta. No matter what your perspective about the tales, it is difficult to overlook how shockingly comparable the two people show up.

We as a whole in a split second expected that the two individuals in the photos were father and child subsequent to review them. To help their cases, by and by, no dependable proof has been advertised.

What’s more, as per Chester’s Wikipedia article, his genuine guardians are Lee Russell Bennington and Susan Elaine Johnson.

On the opposite side, John Podesta is the dad of a girl named Megan Rouse who is his lone kid.